McLaren P1 LM at Pikes Peak - watch the marvellous on-board footage

In the early morning of 10 September 2018, the McLaren P1 LM conquered Pikes Peak.

Enjoy the fantastic on-board footage paired with a roaring soundtrack and the shimmering light of the rising sun.

The P1 LM was sent up to the 14,114-foot summit during a McLaren Owners' Club drive. It was not a brutal race against the clock but an astonishing 12-mile ride in one of the fastest road cars in the world.

Only six P1 LMs were built by Lanzante Motorsport, of which one is the prototype XP1 LM. The British automotive company converted the P1 GTRs into road legal hybrid monsters which deliver 986 hp up to a top speed of 214 mph.

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Comments (22)
  • Fastest road cars WHERE ?

    1 month ago
    2 Bumps
  • Well that’s 13 and a half minutes of my life lost. At least put someone behind the wheel that isn’t scared of a little speed.

    1 month ago
    6 Bumps


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