McLaren previews the future of the hypercar – The 'BP23' Hyper-GT

This may well look like a McLaren 720S but look closer, and you can see it’s very different

3y ago

The world has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next generation of hypercars and McLaren are edging closer to that reveal, with the Woking-based car maker revealing a prototype mule of its new ‘Hyper-GT’ codenamed ‘BP23.’

If you’re wondering what the codename BP23 stands for then you’re not alone. McLaren says it refers to Bespoke Project 2 with 3 seats. Yes, I was slightly underwhelmed by the answer as well, thinking it stood for something ultra cool. Being eagle-eyed supercar spotters, you have already deducted that the test mule is a 720S with the steering wheel in the wrong place.

This mule is merely to test the new hypercars internals only, but when it does roll out of Woking with the 1+2 seating arrangement, it will invoke happy memories of the iconic layout first seen in the McLaren F1 way back in the 1990’s.

McLaren claims the BP23 is a ‘Hyper-GT’ and that it will be the most powerful car the company has ever produced as well as having the most advanced aerodynamics ever seen on a Hypercar to come out of Woking.

According to McLaren, this prototype is a design and ergonomic study to confirm if the unique layout is workable saying “The mule vehicle has been created to investigate different ergonomic solutions for the car’s unique cabin layout as well as technologies that we are developing for use in the final car. For example, we are considering digital mirror technology for potential inclusion”.

Yes, the BP23 could well have no wing mirrors at all with camera specced replacements in use on the prototype alongside standard old school mirrors.

The mule features a modified Monocage II carbon tub with an entirely flat floor, as the standard 720S version required room for cooling pipework and wiring. This enabled McLaren engineers to centrally mount the driver’s seat to test its ergonomic viability for ease of access along with the all-important dashboard layout.

While there is no word yet on what will power the BP23, we do know that it will be a hybrid and most likely use a more powerful version of the current V8 twin-turbo motor. While we can but dream of a V12 engine, you should remember that this would cost a huge amount to develop as well as the length of time it would take to complete so is most likely not an option.

So where are McLaren aiming to go with this new model?, Don’t think for a minute they are chasing the Chiron’s top speed crown. Think more that they are simply aiming to make it the fastest McLaren ever built.

The final roadgoing BP23 model will be produced by McLaren Special Operations (MSO), the car maker’s internal division for bespoke models. Only 106 examples will be built, and you guessed it, they are already sold with McLaren confirming that they could have sold three times the production run with ease despite the rumoured £2.5m price tag.

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  • I just can’t get over those stupid mirrors

      3 years ago
  • Saw this today on Clapham high street! No idea why they were taking it into central London, presumably for promo purposes somewhere

      3 years ago
  • How fast do we really need them to go? Still struggle to tell one from the other

      3 years ago

      3 years ago