Being McLaren's lightest car ever made, it costs $1.69M and only 399 will be built.

The Elva is fitted with a twin-turbo 4.0L V8 which is accompanied by a 7 speed dual clutch gearbox. This RWD missile touches 60 mph in under 3 seconds and flies to 125 mph in 6.7 seconds which is a whole 1.3 seconds quicker than the Senna. McLaren are yet to confirm the top speed of the car, however, my guess is it will only be limited by the driver's ability to withstand the pounding. Why? Because..


McLaren have stated that Elva comes with a world first Active Air Management System (AAMS). The system sucks in air at high velocity from the front grill and pushes it out from just in front of the driver creating a "bubble of calm" for the driver and the passenger.

AAMS automatically activates at speeds greater than 25 mph. The front is also equipped with a deflector which automatically rises to 5.9 inches to help push air at 130 degrees over the driver. When not active, the system will push air to low-temperature radiators to boost their efficiency.

For those who are still not convinced about this witchery, McLaren will offer a wiperless windshield- expect the price of which to be atleast 5 digits.

Not as exciting, is it?

Not as exciting, is it?

The original Elvas

The latest addition to McLaren's ultimate series is a modern-day version of their M1A, M1B and M1C of the 1960s. Bruce McLaren's original open rooftop cars conquered races and provided drivers with unparalleled driving experiences. The new Elva is created to replicate and take the heritage set by the originals to greater heights.

McLaren claims that Elva will give the purest driving experience and let the driver build a special connection with the raw elements in the car.

It's not all about speed

Elva is not just a carbon-fiber tub with 4 wheels, a massive engine and a steering wheel. It is road-legal. Therefore, you also get luxury features like a trunk which fits 2 helmets, a massive 8 inch screen in the cabin which tunes the adaptive suspensions to the 3 driving modes- comfort, sport and race.

The Elva sits in the same class as the Senna, Longtail and the P1. McLaren has used the Elva to push their automotive technology to an industry defining benchmark. The question that lingers now is "Will the $1.69M roofless Elva become an instant classic like others in the segment?"

I reckon it will.

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