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McLaren Senna GTR spotted testing on track!

The upcoming contender for the king of down-force tittle has been spied testing on track

2y ago

Recently we wrote about the then newly revealed specs of the upcoming Senna GTR and its literal tonne of down-force, now for the first time ever we see it in flesh, spotted on track presumably somewhere in the UK.

The spied GTR shows off some new bits like the centre lock wheels, side-skirts and new front fenders with vents on top, the latter were not previously shown on the GTR concept at Geneva Motor-show 2018. The prototype also lacks the very distinct huge front splitter and rear-diffuser shown before, the latter is especially important as it's meant to work with the re-positioned active rear-wing to improve down-force at low speeds.

The rear-wing's position appears unchanged on this prototype too, although we can't be sure as there are no details as to how far it's actually meant to be moved.

This spot while hugely exciting doesn't bring much new information, as we have reported before GTRs prototypes are using the same body-work as the road going Senna. It's likely that currently most of the development work is focused 'under-the -hood', namely the new suspension system taken from the McLaren GT3 racing programme and modified chassis with a widened track.

The 4.0 twin-turbo V8 will get a power boost to 825PS (up from 800) and 800nm of torque, this means the GTR will 'comfortably' exceed the power to weight ratio of the road going Senna.

The infotainment system, folding driver display and even all the airbags have been stripped out in the name of weight saving – surprisingly air-con and a radar-assisted collision avoidance system remain in place. The road-legal steering wheel, however was replaced by race-style steering wheel with integrated gearshift controls.

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  • Genuinely excited for this

      2 years ago
    • Same, I really hope to see this battle against the project one and valkyrie in the new Le Man's class. We could be in for a real Le Man's renaissance!

        2 years ago
  • I think the concept looks much better

      2 years ago