McLaren Senna GTR to get 1000KG of downforce

1y ago


If you keep up with the news you will know that McLaren is cooking up an even more hardcore version of its Senna hypercar. The Senna GTR will be the companies ultimate track-only hypercar, with production capped to 75 units, each costing £1.1m all of which are already sold out.

As first prototypes begin testing McLaren has released more information regarding the spec as well a new design sketch showing the car, we now know the car will feature even more extreme aero set-up capable of generating 1,000kg of downforce and will use suspension set-up derived from the McLaren GT3 race programme.

While the prototypes use modified Senna road car body-work, the new GTR will be based around the same chassis with a wider track and even more, aggressive aero focused bodywork featuring: wider fenders, larger splitter and diffuser and repositioned active rear wing.

The new diffuser and rear-wing have been designed to work together by coupling the wing to the airflow from the diffuser, this improves downforce at low speeds. GTR uses double wishbone suspension derived from McLaren's GT3 race programme, limited for track only use the car gets Pirelli slick tyres clad around centre-lock wheels.

Infotainment system, folding driver display and even all the airbags have been stripped out in the name of weight saving – surprisingly air-con and a radar-assisted collision avoidance system remain in place. The road-legal steering wheel, however was replaced by race-style steering wheel with integrated gearshift controls.

The 4.0 twin-turbo V8 will get a power boost to 825PS (up from 800) and 800nm of torque, this means the GTR will 'comfortably' exceed the power to weight ratio of the road going Senna.

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Comments (8)

  • Lol they should advertise downforce by driving it on the walls. The faster the stickier.

      1 year ago
  • I hope this can lead to some Sennas in the WEC when the new category will be there, I seriously love this car

      1 year ago