McLaren Speedtail and Bowers&Wilkins

25 years after F1 was put in production McLaren finally announces its replacement. I took them a decade and a half to create something that would be worthy to call a disciple. Among dozen of things that go trough my mind when thinking of either F1 or the new Speedtail lets concentrate on the sound system that is the theme of our tribe. We all know that prestige speaker company Bowers&Wilkins is in charge for the audio reproduction in the new McLarens but what they've done in this latest hypercard creation is a step further in what we call, car audio. Audio system specs must reflect the performance of the car they are being installed. Must be light, check. Must be powerful, check. Must look great, check. Must produce loud sound, need to give you goose bumps and has to push you back into the seat while doing all that. I think it is safe to say that in this case, both car and its audio system are capable of doing so. Once one of these amazing manufacturers care to share more info on this spectacular Hi-Fi, I shall make sure to update you all. As of now, we can see that what seams to be low range speakers are installed bellow the instrument cluster and each door panel has a massive speaker grills that also double as a door trim. Smart design. I am not sure how they've installed the tweeters but positive those are the latest Nautilus series models. One thing is for sure here and that is that this could truly be a real audiophiles car as the seating is in the middle of the car ( stage ) so possibly that fancy DSP could be bypassed and you could for once enjoy the non processed music.

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