McLaren Speedtail Hyper-GT Unveiled

46w ago


20 years after the last McLaren F1 rolled off the production line, we have a successor that follows its principles of speed and putting the driver in the centre. However, it is not a supercar solely focussed on performance. This is McLaren's first 'Hyper-GT', the ultimate McLaren road car - the Speedtail.

Measuring at over 5 metres in length, the focus is on the smoothest possible surfaces and achieving the lowest possible drag coefficient and optimum aerodynamics. The teardrop is the most aerodynamic shape currently known to designers which is why the cockpit is teardrop-shaped. The elongated body is made entirely from carbon-fibre with a carbon fibre McLaren Monocage body structure that envelops the McLaren F1-inspired central driving position flanked by a passenger seat on either side.

The driver has a host of screens and displays in front of him/her to control most of the on-board technology and seems to remove the need for any buttons at all. However, McLaren did leave some of the more emotional controls on a roof mounted panel, like the engine start button, the Active Dynamics Panel to engage Velocity mode and buttons to open the doors and windows. How freaking cool is that?!

You can read the full details about the interior and exterior design on The Auto Loons blog here.

McLaren Automotive hasn't yet given the full details on the powertrain but confirms that the Speedtail is a petrol-electric hybrid hyper-GT with a total output of 1,036bhp for a top speed of 403kph. That makes it the fastest road car McLaren has ever built. To put it into perspective, if I tell you that the McLaren P1, the previous Ultimate Series model, was capable of doing 0-300kph in just 16.5 seconds, how long do you think it'll take this 1,430kg (dry) GT to do it? Had a guess? Now for the answer: The McLaren Speedtail can do 0-300kph in 12.8 seconds. When in Velocity Mode to hit those top numbers, the car's Active Chassis Control can lower the car by 35mm at which point the top-most part of the car is just 1,120mm from the ground. The 20-inch front wheels with the carbon fibre aero covers and the 21-inch rear wheels are wearing bespoke P-ZERO tyres developed in partnership with Pirelli.

The use of large single-piece carbon-fibre shells to get rid of shutlines when possible not only reduce drag but also add to the stunning sculpted design of the Speedtail. As is standard with modern McLarens, the cabin feels quite spacious thanks to the extensive use of large glass panels on the roof and the dihedral doors. McLaren will also offer an extensive range of bespoke customisation possibilities which includes carbon titanium deposition materials and digitally embossed, full-aniline and lightweight leathers.

Only 106 units will be produced for customers and all are sold already. The number hundred and six is also a nod to the F1 as only 106 units of McLaren F1s were built, all iterations included. It's a pretty exclusive club then even before you look at the price tag of GBP 1.75 million plus taxes. Yes, there are faster hyper grand tourers out there like the Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg Regera and the upcoming Rimac C_Two as well. But the history and the lineage that comes with the McLaren Speedtail is something no other can replicate and that's before you consider how the new car is special in its own right.

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