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McLaren Speedtail is the Most Disappointing Hypercar Ever!

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And I don't think I'm the only one that was completely disappointed when the images were finally released to infect us all via the interwebs. My first reaction was: Ugh, yuck!

After such a long time of McLaren teasing us with details, specs and some concept drawings, this was not at all what I was expecting.

It should've been like the P1, but less dramatic and more GT. Like a Hyper-GT if you will, first of it's kind. Not made for any race-track records, so the lines would be smoother, which would help it glide through the air much easier - hence achieving higher speeds than the P1. That's expected.

It would take 3 people, it would compete with the Bugatti, not LaFerrari, and based on the sketches it would look like this:

Credits: AllCarNews

Amazing right?! Well, instead we got this turd:

Yes, that is the Speedtail from an angle that doesn't do it justice, but there is no getting away from it:

It's Ugly!

I know that the beauty is in the eye of beholder, but the tiny squinting headlights and thin 'lips' up front don't make for a pretty face by any standards.

Looking from a side - that wheel cover. Just no. I know it serves a purpose, on which I'll rant about further down the articles, but the way it looks is just plain ugly. Another eyesore is the glass dome, which raises very high compared to the body and has a strange sharp edge to it where the windshield ends. Really odd.

I also wish they pushed the dome further to the front, deeper into the front bonnet. That would make for a nice, less steep angle like Maserati Birdcage Concept had. Doesn't have to be as dramatic but you get the idea.

Now that's sexy!

I do like the look of it from behind.

It's Slow!

The whole reason why it looks the way it does is to cut through the air easily as possible, all the way to the top speed of 253mph. I'm sorry, what?

McLaren went through all this trouble of making it look like an oversized sperm cell ready for Bonneville and it's still no faster than the Veyron from a decade ago. How is that even possible?

They did these dorky and awkwardly placed rear-view cameras that can even retract inside when in 'Velocity' mode; they have as few as possible body panels because the gaps between them aren't aerodynamic; they have these wheel dishes to reduce the turbulence, they have more power and still - Veyron is faster.

Speedtail can do only 10mph more than a 25-year-old F1 with 60% of the power. Honestly, with all that effort I would imagine it breaking the 300mph barier.

And don't get me started on acceleration. The only figure we have right now is 0-186mph which it does in 12.8s. That is mighty fast! Faster than the heavier Chiron in fact, but still not a record by any measure - One:1 with all the grippy aero still does it quicker - 11.9s.

And it's Lame Inside!

I know all those screens and a central seating position should make me giddy, but they don't, because that dashboard is the lamest attempt at touchscreens in cars ever!

Credits: McLaren

Look how organic the dashboard is, with its smooth lines, and curvy edges, and then look how badly those squared screens are fitted inside? And before you say that screens can't be any other shape - you are wrong!

All the recent smartphones have a differently shaped notch cut into the screen. Samsung galaxy smartwatch has a perfectly circular screen, and even some cars do creative things with screens.

Nearly all cars in Volkswagen Group, down to Polo have a better-shaped instrument panel, Range Rover Velar has knobs stuck inside the screens themselves, and finally, Audi E-Tron has rear-view screens integrated in the doors. Nothing like these two partially-hidden tablets McLaren found on AliExpress.

Honestly, for a cool price of $2,000,000 I would expect the dashboard elements to fit a bit better than they did in first generation Ford Focus.

It's stupid in every way!

Don't agree with me? Let's take it to the comments sections.

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Final verdict. Must Watch!

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