Mclaren Speedtail: like no other

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The McLaren F1 known as world fastest natural aspirated (it still is and that conquer will be none of exist) supercar,F1 equipped awesome BMW S70/2 6 liter V12 line gold (for heat dissipation) engine.Even face with Bugatti Veyron,F1 could take advantage at the front acceleration but for those two have huge hp gap (F1 618 hp Veyron 1001 hp,mind you the Veyron has quad-turbo) F1 lost the game in the end according to Top Gear S13E2 those two had a drag race in Abu Dhabi.

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As the time flies over 26 years later(since 1992),The F1 is the first three seats supercar which means you could take your wife and kid have a nice day or two hot girls.Now the secondary car that you could take two girls have stunning drive has come already.I have been waiting this for a really long time and i always wondering how was McLaren F1 successor gonna be? the legendary F1's successor come out finnaly.

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For the front i think this car combining 720s front lips and 600LT front face.

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And Mclaren upgrade the head light.The concept over here was different it became vertical LEDs and slender duct it is build for reduce the drag besides channeling the air into low temperature radiators arch the air exits via the low door vents.

You might notice wheel cover front only. It made of carbon fiber that actually don't rotate that quite similar like with Rolls royce's wheel logo only stay in one condition but this could minimize the disruption . It stay in place to control the flow of air along the profile with car and it's remind me Maybach wheel also

wind mirror

If you are a careful man you might think where did the rear mirror go?

For replacement is powered retractable high definition cameras which can give you a view of road.You can tell from it's shape it will be more smooth through air and help aero massively.

the car body

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the side of the car overall design still inherited the F1 longtail GT.I love this stream line.

screen shot from McLaren Speedtail: Global Reveal - Carfection

the rear wheel was really beautiful.It worth to calling masterpiece.


Now may you will ask how did it encounter the corners. Speetail lack of huge rear wing though it still need enough downforce.You can't know anything from the simplistic diffuser

but you need to know what the speedtail have two intricate integrated adjustable ailerons which were really similar with Pagani Huayra's two flaps.


Just like the Senna the engine start button is on the roof you could do have a feeling in the fight jet.

The modern dashboard was almost devoid the buttons replace by a huge screen you could operate on this.

Speedtail interior

Valkyrie Interior

from the interior you might know already.The speedtail as the same as the valkyrie by using two screen in either side to give you view of the road.

staggering velocity mode

interestingly this one has a new mode which means you have 12.8 s to do 0-300.It will do there things.First it will drop by 35mm and raise the engine rpm to as quick as it can to charge the battery , the last pop off the HD camera back into car.

Under the engine bonnet

We have literally known nothing about the engine but 1000 hp and it is really genuinely fast that's it because Mclaren didn't say any about the hybrid powertrain and besides just like the 720s the engine bonnet was unopenable.That F1 could open all of them.So we don't have a chance to look it's real face.What a pity.


This car has a formally big store

Front luggage

rear luggage screen shot from McLaren Speedtail: Global Reveal - Carfection

two under seat luggage screen shot from McLaren Speedtail: Global Reveal - Carfection


The price is 1.75 £million only 106 unit were made (the is the same as F1)and sold out as usual.Some say it equipped 4 liter twin-turbo V8 with the electric motor produces 1000 horsepower 0-168mph in 12.8 seconds top speed could reach 250mph (402kph) weight 1430kilo 17 feet long.Numerically it is not bad.

Personally,i want to say the name speedtail was genuinely terrible name even little clumsy.Technically it may could be said borrowing several car's design and concept into one and carrying more electronic parts.I still keep my opinion that the speedtail should continue taking some front concept of F1 than 720s or 600 LT so it was really pity. And i would say the car doesn't have the ability to really replace the F1 legend even if this is the substitute version to F1. Here is something interesting,some say:" I'm really highly strongly require the supercar manufacturers set the seats arrangement otherwise it will be troublesome to take girls out."

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