- Lots of vents for air extraction

McLaren Tease Their P1 Replacement Hypercar

It will be the most track focused road car ever built by McLaren

3y ago

McLaren have released the first picture of their upcoming hypercar-codenamed P15. This is going to be replacement for the P1.

Interesting tail light

Interesting tail light

In their released statement, McLaren have announced that the world will see their newest creation at exactly one past midnight on the 10th of December. They have even went on to add that the P15 will be a road legal track car unlike anything they have ever built before! In the teaser image, it appears that the rear end will have dozens of vents for air extraction. It is unclear right now whether that strip of LED light will work as the main tail light.

According to a few reports, it is being said that this new hypercar will have lesser power than P1 but will be extremely lightweight and will have a much more advanced aero system which will ensure this car can beat anything on the track. One report suggested that driving this car on the road is not going to be comfortable at all since every inch of this car will be designed to tackle the toughest race tracks.

Ar you excited to find out more about this car?

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