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McLaren teases 720S Spider in new video

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I'm a big fan of the 720S and McLaren in general. When I found out that they were producing a 720S Spider, I was more than excited.

Over on McLaren's YouTube channel, they have uploaded a new teaser which includes what looks like a normal 720S. But on further inspection, it turns out it's the new 720S Spider. But it looks the same as a normal 720S, I hear you scream. Well, the main difference between the two are the doors.

On the normal 720S, the doors are also part of the car's roof structure and on the 720S Spider, the doors are frameless and lack the roof component. This means the roof comes off and is stowed somewhere in the cabin or behind the front seats.

The screenshot isn't the best but it shows the frameless doors.

What remains uncertain is how the roof actually folds up and down. However, if we look at previous McLaren models with folding roofs, such as the 650S and 570S, the entire upper part of the car, beyond the B-Pillar is altered to accommodate the roof.

We won't know for certain until December 8th as that's when the 720S Spider will get revealed to the public.

If you want to see the teaser, you can watch it below.

What do you think?

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