McLaren Unveils the First Champions Edition Senna at the Philadelphia Auto Show

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I had the opportunity to see McLaren unveil this special "Champions Edition" Senna at the Philadelphia Auto Show on Friday. It is so far the only one in the United States. The price tag? Roughly $1 million USD! Have a look!

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Comments (59)

  • Hopefully that doesnt catch of fire

      2 years ago
  • Is Philly not a bit of a random place to unveil a car of this calibur? It's like unveiling the new Corvette in my home city, Toulouse... XD

      2 years ago
  • Mclaren Senna should be in Senna's helmet colour of yellow with green and blue or late eighties mclaren f1 car colours, anything else is meh.

      2 years ago
  • Only one in the US didn’t Salomondrin have one before? I mean if you forget the fact that it kinda doesn’t work anymore

      2 years ago
  • This car is ugly, no matter what color scheme will be used.

      2 years ago