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Mclaren may have a large lineup now, but all of the cars are on paper quite similar. So how can you tell them apart, and which cars will be joining in come 2020?

The Sports Series


These are the 'budget Mclarens', and at the bottom we start with the 540C. The same style as the 570S, but with slightly less power, it is still a sharp scapel of a car. This is the entry level car, essentially the Ford Fiesta of the Mclaren range. - £138,000


Next up, the 570S. This is a slightly faster version of the 540C, with no convertible option. It is essentially the purest sports car at this budget. - £150,000


The 570GT has always been a sort of halfway house between GT and 570S, but fulfils the job well. It has an extremely comfortable ride and a kind of rear parcel shelf. - £158,000

570S Spider

The 570S is the only convertible in this group, and looks stunning. It has buttresses unlike the other models in this group, and is barely heavier than the standard car because of Mclaren's platform. - £166,000


The 600LT is fast and hard, and has a cool exhaust mounted at the top. It has more power, and with the Longtail moniker it also loses weight. - £188,000

600LT Spider

The 600LT Spider has received positive reviews across the board. With the added bonus of being able to hear the tuned engined in your eardrums. - £200,000


The Mclaren 620R is coming soon and is a road version of the 570 GT4. It has a huge rear wing and cooler styling. - £230,000

The GT Series


The GT series only has one current trim, with no faster or spider versions. I can't help but think that it would be better as a front engined car, but with the formula the engineers were given they did a good job. - £163,000

GT Spider

This car has been speculated, but not confirmed. If it comes, there will have to be some clever engineering solutions to provide storage practicality, as the roof will take up the current luggage space. - TBC

The Super Series


The 720S has unanimously been praised. It is practical, fast and comfortable and for this price, you really can't do better. Not only is it a car that beats Teslas at the drag strip, but it offers more bang-for-your-buck than the equivalent Ferrari, but also is arguably more striking and beautiful. - £208,600

720S Spider

Really, this is a car that shouldn't exist. A convertible Golf or Peugeot makes sense as it adds flair, but the weight - and the fact that a bug hitting your face at 200mph would hurt- mean it does not justify itself. However the 720S overcomes this for three reasons. Firstly, it has a carbon fibre tub that means almost no weight needs to be added for strengthening. Secondly, people don't buy these cars for racing tracks, rather for Monaco. Finally, it's really cool. - £237,000


This Mclaren is likely to debut later this year and take deliveries at the start of 2021. Prototypes have been spotted at the Nurburgring. We've seen the formula before on the 675LT and 600LT. Louder, sharper and seriously fast. - £254,000

750LT Spider

A Spider version of the 750LT is inevitable, same speed and power, just more kerb appeal. - £280,000

The Ultimate Series

Mclaren Senna

The famously ugly, yet focused supercar with the special name. Need I say more? - £750,000

Mclaren Senna GTR

Mclaren claims is will be faster than the P1 GTR. It will have incredible power, and incredible lightness. Technically, it is a concept but all cars have been sold and it will definitely be built. - £1,400,000

Mclaren Speedtail

This car shows just how far Mclaren has pushed the automotive envelope. We'll have to wait til later this January to see Top Gear's verdict, but i'll give you mine. It does over 250mph, looks stunning, is a homage to the F1 and has a central driving position. For all these reasons, I have no doubt it will be 2020's Car of the Year. - £1,750,000

Mclaren Elva

Think of this as a drop top Senna, a lightweight hypercar focused for the track. In this case though, it's even lighter than the standard car because owing to the carbon fibre tub, - no extra stiffening is needed, and yet the roof is lost so it saves a few kgs.

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