McLaren's New P1 is all Electric

Meet McLaren's Smallest Car Yet

4y ago

Earlier this year, McLaren revealed to the public that by 2020, the company planned to have at least 50% of it's lineup be powered by hybrid or fully electric systems. For those under the age of six, this incarnation of the P1 is the first step to making McLaren's lineup more environmentally sustainable.

McLaren's new P1 features a central driving position much like it's predecessor, the iconic McLaren F1. For the first time, the electric P1 will be open-topped while retaining it's iconic dihedral style doors. The initial surge of acceleration remains impressive, with a 0-3 mph speed of just two seconds, which is powered by a three speed transmission and includes a reverse gear.

If you tend to find yourself having troubles on which colour to purchase, you'll be delighted to hear McLaren has already made that choice for you. The only finish offered on the new model is McLaren's elite Volcano Yellow, and it's guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

The perfect size P1.....if you're six.

The perfect size P1.....if you're six.

This will be McLaren's most compact car yet and it should be noted that if you are over the age of six, you may find yourself having some troubles getting in- but that's part of the hassle of owning a hypercar like the P1.


• Top speed – approximately 3 mph

• Colour Options – Volcano Yellow

• Price – £375.00

• Available at select McLaren retailers now.

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  • Oh godness no! They're direct from McLaren's Media Site. They have exceptional photographers working for them!

      4 years ago
  • Wow great pictures! Did you take them?

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