McLaren's 'P14' Spotted Out In The Wild

2y ago


McLaren’s next production car known as the ‘P14’ has finally been spotted during testing. The car reportedly uses McLaren’s 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 and will be tuned to deliver new power outputs topping other cars in McLaren’s Super Series range. The newly configured engine will outperform models such as the 650s, while still remaining below the P1’s insane 903 horsepower. The car is also rumoured to use the same carbon fiber monocoque as McLaren’s’ previous cars.

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One of the notable design changes that will stand out to many is the change to the headlights. The P14 appears to have ditched the iconic headlights resembling McLaren’s logo in favour of a more aggressive looking style. Specifications and final design have yet to be released but expect to hear more from McLaren soon. In the meanwhile, take a peak at’s rendering of the spyder variant of the car and let us knows what you think of the P14.

Photo Credit: / Pratyush Rout