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McLaren... A company renowned for its super high-tech and biblically fast hyper cars has unveiled its brand new P1.

Of which you can imagine, is right up myself and Bentley's street... Not just because it’s McLaren and British. But primarily because the regular consumer like you and I can actually afford it... Introducing, the McLaren P1 "Kids" edition…

Another one for the Christmas list...

Another one for the Christmas list...

Yes... that's right... McLaren have made a P1 for the little kiddies... Just in time for Christmas! Put the wallet away all you dads out there! You can't fit in it I'm afraid.

So what does this miniaturized motor have in common with its life size counterpart?

Well, this cracking little supercar for those car savvy kids comes in a gloriously bright racing yellow which looks astonishing!

You could even purchase some racing decals off of Amazon and plaster them all over the rear wings and doors. Slap some monster energy stickers on it and congratulations, your child is the new Ken Block! You're welcome. Just don't complain to us when they are doing micro Gymkhana on your front lawn.

Slap some monster energy stickers on it and there you go... you're child is the new Ken Block.

Liam Freeman

With an eye watering, ear popping top speed of 3MPH in just two seconds, this entry level P1 is definitely one to keep an eye on! It also comes with a rather handy useful MP3 player built in, so you can fully expect your child to be rocking out to "Born to be wild" while driving this thing.

McLaren even very kindly made a video showcasing it, how amazing is that!

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One more quality it shares with its bigger brother is that it runs on electric, I know... the real P1 is a hybrid but you get the point... It's cool okay? You don't even have to pay road tax and insurance so that's a bonus right?

Did I mention it also has a reverse gear? Technology these days holds no bounds!

Being easy to operate, it comes with a really useful start/stop button as well as working lights and... are you ready? An ‘air-conditioning’ unit!

So if this micro machine of the super car world takes your fancy, you can pick it up for the small price of just £375! Bargain!

Just don't attempt to contact your insurance company about a quote, i'm pretty sure they'll think you're insane.

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  • Got to love a car which has some New Zealand heritage

      4 years ago
  • I think I may need to get one...

      4 years ago
  • very nice...

      4 years ago