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McLaren’s Super-Light Racing Suit Will Hide Your Extra Christmas Weight

It only weighs the same as half a bag of sugar!

2y ago

“Who ate all the pies!?” That’s something you won’t hear wearing McLaren’s new SP16+ racing suit. Unless you have actually eaten all the pies. It’s their lightest-ever racing suit, weighing just 530g (1.3 pounds) – for a comparison, that’s about as much as a pair of jeans. Or half a bag of sugar.

McLaren has teamed up with Sparco to create this almost lighter-than-air suit. It could be the perfect accessory if you’re driving one of the company’s carbon-fibre stuffed road cars or F1 racers. Now it’s mastered weight reduction in cars, it’s turned its attention to racing suits. Well, every little tiny gram helps, I guess.

To make it as feather-light as possible, every single aspect has been scrutinised. The zippers are slimmer, the stitching is ultra-thin, there’s reduced neck and shoulder padding, and the wrist and ankle sections are made of seamless Nomex. All these changes make it the lightest suit ever certified by the FIA.

Unlike off-the-peg suits, you don’t have to guess what size you are. Each one is bespoke and made to order – maybe it’s best to keep away from the advent calendar, if you’re after one. Should you want to, you can also have it customised to match your McLaren (or the one you fantasise about, anyway).

Still nodding your head? McLaren will charge you £2,344 (about $3,000) for the SP16+ suit, before you choose any optional customisations. Then, you could opt for the whole package, including undershirt, balaclava, gloves and a McLaren Bell HP7 helmet. At this point, you’d be handing over almost £5,500 (just under $7,000), although that’s like buying an air freshener if you’ve just bought a six-figure supercar or many-figure racing car. It might look a bit silly if you buy a suit to wear while driving a Honda Civic.

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