Me as skinner

There's a particular common characteristic of all PC simulator games: they never have an in-game system to personalize your car colors and/or liveries.

They all come with those limited presets created by modelers. You can choose between them. Maybe they're neither so few. But they're limited. And they could easily not satisfy your fantasies.

Back in the time from GTR 2002, as soon as I known I could do my own skin somehow, I got VERY interested into that! At the start the fact you should work with external softwares (photo editors, data compression, converters and so on) scared me a bit. Also 'cause on first times I wasn't such a genius about image editing.

But I couldn't really resist to have my personalized liveries, so fiddling here and there, few steps at time, at the end I got the point. :)

My first tests - Ferrari 550 BMS Test Car from GTR 2002

You can find info of my GTR 2002 projects in this old website of mine: Text is in Italian, while you can still watch images. :)

My "Coca Cola" liveries for Ferrari where my most populars (and first "serious") those times. But also Zonda Black Style was a good one in my opinion and I would like to bring into Assetto Corsa one day. While the unfinished "Team GO Porsche 996 GT3" was promising, too.

Fun fact: in 2004 I was working in Italtel S.p.A. While I had lot of spare time at work, I started skinning even there! But seeing the contract said everything I do at work was owned by Italtel, I decided to do an Italtel livery. :) That's how Ferrari 360 Challenge Italtel was born! (Ferrari 360 Challenge was another mod for GTR 2002!)

Ferrari 360 Challenge Italtel - made during spare times on working place for Ferrari 360 Challenge, a GTR 2002 mod.

Back in 2004 there was also a free software for 3D modelling dedicated to games! Which means: it was easy basic use and automatically could save into games format. That software still exists, but it's no more free (apart old version 1, if I don't mistake). Its name is

Seeing that GTR 2002 was a free mod, there were pratically no such big licences troubles. So with the right efforts, you could actually access 3D models. And with zmodeler you could even personalize that!

That was so accessible that I couldn't resist its charm. My main use was to migrate rims between a model to another. But I even gave a personalizatoin to some 3D. There were 2 major projects of mine actually:

Ferrari 360 Prototype - A Ferrari 360 NGT modded with Ferrari 550 BMS and Ferrari 575 GTC spoilers for GTR 2002.

- Ferrari 360 EGT Prototype: it's pratically a Ferrari 360 NGT, 3D modded with adapted Ferrari 575 GTC front spoiler and Ferrari 550 BMS back spoiler. It totally inherited Lamborghini Diablo GTR's specs and engine. This blasphemy for two valid motivations: 1. Diablo was the sole mid-back engined car in GT1 category on GTR 2002! 2. Diablo had the best speed-handling ratio, but the worse cockpit view! The purpose was to "promote" 360 NGT from GT2 to GT1 category, 'cause it was my favourite car and initially I was a bit scared of powerful GT1 category cars. So I wanted to start bringing with me something familiar and make it result as a Diablo GTR: as said, the best car for GT1 newbies to start.

Lamborghini Diablo Blues Brothers - A Lamborghini Diablo GTR modded with Blues Borthers' car details for GTR 2002.

- Lamborghini Diablo Blues Brothers: the Diablo GTR is directly involved also into this 3D mod. The mod was strictly aesthetic this time. And unluckily unfinished, while it was pratically done! It was my deepest 3D mod, and I was loving it so much before I lost it. :'( It wasn't my idea actually, just a friend of mine suggested it to me for its own wish. I was trying to be very stickler to details. Bull-bar on front, no glasses for lights, only one side mirror, a broken front grid-mask, lowered windows, front and back licence plates, the two blues brothers characters inside (not very detailed, but still stylish :D just see passenger feet on dashboard!), and police deleted writings on the livery (to serve and protect!). You can't see in the picture, but also the "Lamborghini" writing on the back was intentionally missing a letters. :)

I'm spending so much time and text to introduce GTR 2002 works not just for nostalgia. But also 'cause I lost almost them all. :'( That hard disk failure broke my heart! I could just save something I used to bring at my work place, but some projects were totally losts. Like Team GO's Porsche 911, Blues Brothers' Diablo (both unfinished) and Zonda Black Style (which was finished, but now it's hard to bring to Assetto Corsa with all details). Infact from that day I always use 2 hard disks in mirror, at least!

In Race 07 period I skinned almost nothing. My sole interest was to drive different cars models on same track. If you read "More about me, Part 3" article, you know on that game I just raced the most I could on Nordschleife. :) There was only an exception: I did a dark blue Volvo S60 to make the car look like much more my brother in law's street car. So after I removed the back spoiler (no 3D modelling needed, it was just a text file setting), I convinced zModeler developer to unlock for me a front spoiler to edit for free (zModeler's demo is limited on features). In exchange I found and gave him SimBin's 3D contents compression key. ^_^ But at the end I surrended the "modding" idea just 'cause I didn't know how to personalize performances. :D So I just raced with a blu standard Volvo S60 R from the game! (There's a video about that!)

Volvo S60 R Moonight Blue - just base Race 07's Volvo S60 R from STCC expansion, but painted with plain blue.

Due to harsher licenses restrictions, and higher community contents quality and originality, in modern time I totally surrended the idea of 3D modding. Actually I would very wish to mod Assetto Corsa's Sauber Mercedes C9 and transform it from low drag version (which suits only Monza and LeMans) to high drag version! I really can't imagine why Kunos didn't do that themselves already. Also I wish I could swap 2011 P/4 Competizione into the hybrid version which replaced it from 2012. For what I know, it was foreseen into AC. But after so much time, I suspect that car was deleted from their plans.

So as you can see we are talking about Assetto Corsa skins now... or maybe not. :) I prefer to dedicate to each of my AC contents an article in next days. :) So for now the argument is postponed. See you! ;)

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