Me talking about something I actually care about for once

Ireland, and its shameful leadership.

You know what I want, I want to write about countries. It could be a series, it could be critical, but it could also be a lot of fun to make. Fitting for All Rants or Random Stuff, but would you lot support that, idk. And would Drivetribe support, I doubt it. Still if you want something bad enough you'll do it anyway. So if there's enough support I'll do an opinion/rant series. Some cars, some politics, and a lot of complaining. Because things aren't solved without action, and action doesn't happen without complaints.

So, what today? It's been bugging me. So I thought why not write about it, given that that is my solution to most things. That and tea. It's my country. In my time on Drivetribe, my interests in the world.....have changed. I've met many people, and learnt many things. When it comes to one's home, one's country, there will be a love, and a hate. Some are sure, some ignorant, some in denial. And so I then turn to myself, how do I feel? Here's my rant.

Ireland's Covid-19 response was exceptional. Almost immediate lockdown, strong measures great support and a brilliant leader at the head of it all. Then came the change, the change of government. And this change could not have come at a worse time for Ireland. The virus was nearly sorted, and then it decided it wasn't done with the republic just yet. Which obviously is bad anywhere, but especially as we are on the brink of bankrupcy, our public is losing patience, our new government is sacking people for breaking virus rules, and our closest neighbour is in a deadly recession.

And with this change came a new taoiseach (prime minister), Mr Mícheal Martin, who would do two years before Varadkar would return to office until 2024. Now, granted this is a nasty time to take this role, he is frankly, terrible. His ability to grip and lead the country is non-existent, and he dodges even more questions than his predecessor. Not even this, he has formed a disgraceful government to make matters even worse, most of whom haven't even lasted a month, because they were sacked for breaking virus regulations. It begs the question, how can impose restrictions that they refuse to live with themselves? What a poor image. As if Ireland wasn't embarassed enough by the EU, our commissioner was ushered towards the exit too, for the same reasons as the other gov'n members.

For these shameful reasons and the inability to show strength in a time where it is most needed, the best course of action would undoubtedly be for Mr Martin to resign as taoiseach with immediate effect, and allow Varadkar to retake office appropriately. he could make a great tánaiste, but nothing more. I guess I can end rant there, thanks for reading if you did. Just something I wanted to say pretty much😂.

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