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This beautifully modified crx was created for one purpose and one purpose only... to race

About a month or so ago I shared an image of a gorgeous 1st gen CRX race car on the GEN ONE Blog Facebook page, and the photo got a lot of attention. I had never seen the car, and the photo seemed recent, so I decided to dig a little to see if I could locate the owner. I didn't have much luck until someone tagged the owner of the car. I immediately contacted him, and thankfully, he was more than happy to share his car.

Jurgen races his 1986 CRX in Germany. It has a 1.6L ZC engine with racing pistons, a dry sump system, and a twin Weber carb setup that is pushing 196hp! To distribute all that power to the front wheels, he has a Mugen differential installed as well. The interior sports a full roll cage, custom gauge cluster, large tachometer with shift light, Sparco racing seat, a six-point harness, full extinguisher system and a detachable steering wheel. The suspension includes Koni and Bilstein parts. All this adds up to a fast and light (1700lbs) racer.

Thanks Jurgen for sharing your amazing 1G and becoming a GEN ONE Blog fan!

Photo Cred: Austria Racing Pics/Jurgen Frommknecht

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