Mechanic decided to make outrageous replica of the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

    And even managed to make selfmade carbon fibre along the way!

    4w ago


    There are cars that only the ultra-rich can own. And then, there are cars even the ultra-rich can’t afford. The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo belongs to the second category, especially after considering its one-off concept car status. So, even a lifetime worth of yearning wouldn’t get a Tom, Dick or Harry any close to the Vision GT. The only workaround, make one.

    It took a mechanic specialising in fixing trucks and his childhood dream to come up with this outrageous replica of the single-seater Bugatti. Known as ‘Mechanic Jack’, the man from China appears to be a well-known figure in the social media world, and his latest creation seems to take that follower count further up north.

    Unlike Bugatti, who still rely on machines to develop car components, Mechanic Jack’s version of the Vision GT is entirely hand-made. While the French automaker uses carbon fibre for the body, Jack’s team makes do with sheet metal. And yet, none of the panels looks shabbily put together, thanks to the expert welding carried out which holds the sheets together. However, the roof is said to have gotten a hand-made carbon fibre fitting. Master Mechanic!

    Only upon observing the car up close will you notice the lack of depth in the metal. Watch it from a distance though, and the best of enthusiasts could easily mistake it for the actual car. Hats off to Mechanic Jack and his team for piecing together such an exotic piece of automobile without forgetting the intricacies of the car’s aerodynamics.


    Mind you, the Vision GT is equipped with one of the more complex rear ends in any supercar. And yet, the mechanics went about replicating all those details, like the overtly complicated rear wing and the multi-channel diffuser. Though one can’t call it an exact copy of the original as the mechanics have left a lot more blue accents rather than black at the rear and the quad exhaust setup doesn’t seem to be as pronounced as the original.

    The Achilles heel of such replicas is the duo of the engine and cabin. Obviously, Bugatti didn’t supply its 8.0-litre quad-turbocharged W16 engine to a Chinese mechanic which is why it looks like the team settled for some kind of V8 instead. While the cabin hasn’t been significantly explored in the videos, expect the driver to be cocooned inside a tubular chassis frame rather than leather lining.


    But the car came to life once the sheet metal body was given the Vision GT’s signature two-tone blue paint. The quad headlight setup under that paint scheme looks well mimicked and the alloys complement the overall look. The mechanic is said to have dedicated four months to complete the vehicle.

    Every car fanatic longs to build their dream car. I guess, Mechanic Jack and the team just realised theirs.


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    Comments (14)

    • The Cybertruck is gonna be their quickest (by build time) project since it's got no curves and they can get an engine from a real Tesla, no, a golf cart, eh, nevermind, they're the same.

        1 month ago
    • That's impressive. It's not going to fool many, but the amount of effort is incredible!

        1 month ago
    • Credit where credits due, that is actually quite an impressive bit of work, especially considering how weirdly shaped the Vision is. Would love to see some other virtual concept or something like that made real.

      That or a the guy could probably make the Cybertruck for Tesla, seems well within his metalworking skill set

        1 month ago
    • Dodge tomohawk

        1 month ago
    • Given that it's likely got a feckless engine in it, just call it a Barge-atti and Bugatti will leave it alone.

        20 days ago


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