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Mechanical Stig's new 1200hp eight-second Barra

11w ago



Cars today can become celebrities in their own right, and one of Australia's most well-known cars around the world is the 1987 Toyota Cresta owned by Benny "Mechanical Stig" Neal.

Originally built as a 10-second sleeper on Mighty Car Mods the Cresta has been running nine-second slips for the two years since the Barra-powered monster was finished.

However, Benny knew the car had more potential hiding away and the car grew a huge following as Benny chased an eight-second pass both in Australia and after he shipped the car to the USA to take part in Hot Rod Drag Week 2018. While it might sound simple to knock one second off a time slip, but drag racing is a sport of hundredths of thousandths of seconds, and it can take hundreds of passes and years to knock a full second off a time-slip when you're running a street car like Benny.

The good news is that Benny and the Cresta finally cracked the eight-second bracket, and done it in style. The car's weight, its new 1200hp engine and larger turbo got the job done and, with some more suspension tuning, Benny has a new goal that will hopefully see the Cresta get into the seven-second bracket!

How quick do you think the Cesta can cover the quarter mile? Let us know in the comments.

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