Meet AMG’s 805bhp Panamera

2y ago


AMG kicked off its 50th birthday celebrations by presenting a Porsche Panamera-like four-door fastback at the Geneva Show.

Previewing a production machine that’ll be the third AMG road car after the SLS and GT not to be merely a hopped up Benz, the GT Concept is powered by a hybridised version of the GT coupe’s 4.0-litre V8.

That V8 makes a maximum of 577bhp in the latest GT R, but here, augmented by an electric motor, it produces 805bhp. That’s enough for a sub-3sec 0-62mph run, says AMG’s boss Tobias Moers.

So, this or a Panamera?

That’s also a clear indication that AMG wants to muscle in on Tesla’s territory. The GT even features Tesla-like flush handles for the frameless doors, although the rest of the design treatment, including the Panamericana vertical grille bars, fluted clamshell bonnet, and active triple air intakes in the front bumper is recognisably AMG, and far more distinctive than the blandly handsome Model S.

Expect most of those features to translate intact to the production car, including possibly the carbon roof skin, carbon brakes and new ‘nano active fibre technology’ lights, which create a 3D light signature – but sadly not the wing-mounted cameras that take the place of conventional door mirrors.

And while the Concept appears closely related to the aluminium-bodied GT coupe, the production car will actually be based on the more conventional predominantly steel guts of an E-class, but styled to look like a GT.

The GT Concept, which is badged ‘EQ Power +’, branding we’ll see on the upcoming AMG hybrid hypercar, and all future performance hybrids from AMG, is capable of operating in three configurations: as a pure EV, as a conventional petrol car, or using both power sources together.

In EV mode the electric motor drives the rear wheels directly, but in other modes the GT puts power to all four corners via AMG’s 4Matic hardware.

Alll-wheel drive means the GT – if it made production – will be easier to sell in markets more prone to winter weather.

AMG isn’t giving too much away in terms of techy details when it comes to the electric stuff, only saying that the energy storage unit is ‘more powerful than conventional hybrid batteries, but at the same time more compact and lighter.’

There’s no mention of plug-in capability either, or autonomous tech, for that matter, but we do know that the battery is charged via brake regeneration, and also by the combustion engine when the charge level drops really low. And let’s face it, when you can go sub-3sec to 62mph from every traffic light in town, it’s going to get very low, very quickly. Unlike your mood.

We’ll bring you more as it's revealed.

Expect to find out more about the four-door GT in due course.