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    Meet Bugatti's newest monster: The Bolide

    Bugatti's new limited edition hypercar could reach over 300 mph

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    Bugatti unveiled their newest addition to the lineup earlier today: the Bolide. It's a super lightweight track-only car that Bugatti claim will be able to reach over 300 mph (482 kmh).

    The Bolide’s name comes from the French slang word for "very fast car" which is rather fitting. It will be sporting a modified version of the engine the Chiron uses, an 8.0 litre 16-cylinder. This monstrous engine will produce about 1800 horsepower

    The Bolide is designed to be super aerodynamic. It will be only 3 feet tall, which is a foot shorter than its counterpart, the Chiron. The air scoop is made from a special material that forms blister-like bubbles which will reduce the aerodynamic lift by 17% while improving airflow by 10%. Bugatti saved weight by making all the screws and fasteners from titanium. The rest of the body is also made of titanium as well as carbon fibre. Bugatti also gained weight savings by dispensing with comfort and luxury. The interior is very sparse with thin and simple racing seats. All this weight saving means that it is around half of the weight of the Chiron at 2700 lbs (1224 kg), instead of the Chirons rather lardy 4400 lbs (1995 kg).

    This newest addition to the lineup of Chiron based monsters will cost over $3 million and only 500 will be made.

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    • I wish this post was shown on the homepage instead of what’s already there...

        27 days ago
      • Full respect to Tim's well-written post here, but don't be ridiculous. The Bugatti news article on the homepage right now was posted 6 hours ago, Tim's article here was posted 9 minutes ago. Let's remember how news works, Christian.

          27 days ago
      • I know, John. I know. But still...

          27 days ago


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