Meet Bugatti's potential newest hypercar: the Bolide

    Bolide is for racing car.

    So then, what happens if Bugatti tried to make a track car? Well, they need to put the car on a diet, but keep it muscular. By that, I mean they need to make their car much lighter while still keeping the ridiculously powerful 8.0 liter W16. And that's exactly what they've done.

    Meet the Bolide, a design study by Bugatti to see what the product of making a proper track car would be. And the results are unworldly: the Bolide produces 1,825 horsepower from a beefed up version of the W16 in the Chiron. Unlike the Chiron however, the Bolide weighs 2,733 pounds. To put things into perspective: the Bolide has 200 more horsepower than the Chiron, and weighs half as much. And, according to Bugatti themselves, the Bolide will go 310 mph.

    Things get even better when you realize that this car would be the one of the fastest track cars in the world. And that's no exaggeration: Bugatti predicts that if this car were to go around the Nurburgring in just 5.21 minutes, making it just a few seconds short of the radical Porsche 919 Hybrid EVO.

    But, there's a catch

    This all sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn't it. And in a sense, it is indeed too good to be true. This is a design study, meaning that all the photos that you see are computer generated; so are all the stats and figures. Everything that you read about the Bolide are what the Bolide could theoretically, if all the conditions were perfect in every sense, and more importantly, if the car was actually made. And if this car were actually made, it would be a track-only car.

    But, there's a plot twist to a plot twist in this case: earlier this week, we saw this car being tested around a track, and that car was the Bolide, just in some heavy camouflage. What that means is that the Bolide has been produced in some form; whether if it's a bare-bones prototype or a production-ready model is beyond our knowledge. So while there are no plans of actually making the car, we do know that some form of the car has been made, meaning there's a good chance that the Bolide will actually make production.

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    Comments (15)

    • Batman called. He wants his track car back.

        30 days ago
    • They stole the name Bolide from Civel. (I think that’s how u spell it. 😂) which is a car from 😬🤣

        30 days ago
    • Isn't that a car from gta or am I thinking of beamNg drive

        30 days ago
    • it could not drive over a speed bump, or out of a garage, so who cares. It's a poster, as such it's exactly as good as it looks. It looks okey, but not unlike some other racers..

        30 days ago
    • I think the WEC just got its first Hypercar for the new class. Other manufacturers are going to have a tough time topping this beauty though!

        30 days ago
      • WEC hypercar was what I was thinking too, but.... sadly, the engine is just too much for the rules. The Bolide makes more than double the maximum horsepower limit for the non hybrid hypercar class, and a W16 sucks a bit too much gas to be...

        Read more
          29 days ago


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