A man from greece has started the project of a lifetime creating a hypercar with 3000hp and ready to take down some of the best hypercars out now!!

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His name is Spyros Panopoulos and so far he was in the tuning business owning EXTREME TUNERS, a tuning company located in Greece. He has built some incredible cars down the years like a 2000hp Lamborghini. His latest built was an EVO in which he had completely redone the whole car except form the chassis and all the parts were built entirely by him inhouse. He has beaten many records in dragster racing with his own built cars. So you get a glimpse of how capable this guy is. The main idea behind building Chaos was that he wanted a car to roam by himself and initialy he had no intention of creating and selling a hypercar. The thing that pushed him to produce the CHAOS was that in his eyes the term "hypercar'' was missunderstood. He believes that the existng hypercars don't offer the excitment and the G-forces that they should so he went ahead and and founded Spyros Panopoulos Automotive with the goal to built a car that will show the wolrd how a hypercar really is. The company is based outside of Athens, the capital of Greece. The intresting thing about this project is that the whole car is built by a team of 9 highly capable greek guys and the whole car is being built by them with custom parts that they have created. Everything from turbos to exhaust,engine and interior is being proudly made from them, which is something we don't often see as many car companies use parts from other companies, like Pagani uses AMG engines.

Here you can see some of the custom parts he has created like these carbon connecting rods!!

Here you can see some of the custom parts he has created like these carbon connecting rods!!



Lets start with the most important thing on the car: the power plant. The car will be available in 2 variants, one wich will be equipped with a 4L V10 paired with two carbon turbos with 68 mm in diamter, producing 2000 hp and with a rev limiter at 11.000 rpm. This variant is going to have the pistons and the connecting rods by titanium. Alredy the numbers are insane but wait till you read for the second one. So the second one is also equipped by the same 4L V10 but now it will be paired by two carbon turbos with 78 mm in diameter with a total output the whopping 3000 hp and a total of 12.000 rpm to enjoy. The pistons and the connecting rods will be now consist out of carbon fibre. This monster of a power plant will be connected to an 8 speed dual clutch automatic transmission. It is going to be AWD but not a 50-50 split, but with a 35% in the front and 65% in the rear. The car based on the numbers and the virtual testing that the team has done, it is expected to have a top speed of 500+kmh and will be rady to compete giants like Bugatti and Koenigsegg that are leading the top speed sector.


The chassis again is not something simple or ordinary. The monocoque is built by Zylon, a meterial that we often encounter either on F1 cars or on some of nasa's spaceships. Most hypercars use carbon fibre wich is already extermely strong and light buy Zylon is one step further as it is a lot more strong and light than the usuall carbon fibre that all the companies use. The front and rear subframes are out of high tension alluminium and some other pannels out of Kevlar, like the one that are used on bulletproof jackets. The brakes are ceramic with 420mm discs and titanium claws. When it comes to rims you have two options, both printed, and you could either go with titanium or carbon fibre. The car car currently has the the widest set of tyres available with 355 mm in diamete, but they are in the works with a tyre company to create custom made tyres for CHAOS, because as you can imagine 3000 hp will require a lot of grip to succesfuly put the power down and prevent it from spinning its wheels.

Here you see Spyros Panopoulos himslef working on the car.

Here you see Spyros Panopoulos himslef working on the car.


The car currently has no interior but Spyros informed that you would have the possibility to drive with VR glasses and all the buttons have been deleted so you can play with the settings and radio using you hand. Moving your hand inside the car and doing certain movements will trigger the system to do different things. The mirrors have been replaced by cameras that they will be extending through the bodywork when the car comes into life.


The car will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2021 in wich CHAOS will be acompanied with an other car that we don't know anything about it yet,other than its is going to be at least 10 years ahead of it's time when it comes to design. So we are extremely excited to properly see the car fully unveiled and again huge congrats to Spyros Panopoulos Automotive for letting us dive into his dream one year ahead of its arrival.

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