Meet Ford Mach-E GT - proof that electric SUVs are brilliant

Ford has unveiled its first EV, but will it be as impressive as it sounds?

There are many things that sound incompatible but are actually brilliant: crackers and chocolate combined with marshmallows, PewDiePie and Minecraft, RiceGum and stupidity (ok actually that's very compatible) and even Robert Downey. Jr as Sherlock Holmes. However, one thing that has confused many to this day is this: are SUVs and electric engines compatible?

Well, based on the fact that Ford has announced its latest EV SUV, they are indeed compatible.

Although this Mustang SUV was developed by people who (for reasons still unknown) say 'trunk' instead of 'boot', it is an impressive automobile. The engine is made up of two electric motors that send power to all of the four wheels, together producing 459bhp.

Now admittedly, that's smaller than Mercedes GLC 63 Coupe S AMG's 503bhp, but while the Merc can do 0-62 in 4.2 sec, the Mustang SUV can do it in 3.7 sec, which according to the makers easily rivals Tesla Model Y, its arch-rival.

Ford has also announced an ambitious scheme aimed at Europeans who purchase the car: the buyers will receive five years of free access to the brand’s FordPass charging network, which currently consists of around 155,000 charging stations across Europe.

Although it's still unknown how much a Mach-E GT will cost, it can be confirmed that the cheapest version of the car will cost around £40,000 - £3000 cheaper than the Merc GLC coupe - and thus it's expected that the GT will cost £10,000 more than that.

Overall, Ford's first and flagship EV demonstrates not only that SUVs can greatly work with electric engines, but also that the brand is ready to leave its petrolhead past behind and embrace the electric future, which is just as - if not, even more - exciting.

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Comments (4)

  • No its shit no matter what, stop talking about this car now

      8 months ago
  • it's great, but not a mustang

      8 months ago
  • Wait I wouldnt mind it

    If they didnt call it a mustang

      8 months ago
  • While Tesla leads the world in EV technology, they admit they cannot convert the planet to clean tech on their own. This is where Ford's new Mustang range fulfils its role. It's kind of Tesla like, but with more conservative styling... styling we already associate with this sort of car. We don't need to 'reimagine' the motorcar, just buy the latest Ford, a product we kind of know what to expect. So what if it drinks electricity instead of liquid fuel? At least you can top up the 'tank' at home while it sits outside... you can't do that with the old model! While this is very much a toe-dipping exercise for a giant auto-maker, it's also going to instruct it in where their future lies and how they can convert towards the new normal. With so many livelihoods at stake, I really wish them well with their new venture.

      8 months ago