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Meet Frankenstein Benz with a 6.2L V8

2w ago


Many fans of the German manufacturer, Mercedes will remember the 190E 2.5 16v Evolution. This car was the king of the road in the late 80s and early 90s.

But today, someone has taken it to the next level with ‘Frankenstein Benz’. This car has been in the making for 5 years now and has been carefully constructed by Piper Motorsport.

You may be wondering how it can take this long for an engine swap…this is so much more than an engine swap. What Piper motorsport have done is revolutionary. They have taken the body of a 190E with the body kit making it look like a 2.5 16v EVO II but have fitted it with the mechanics of a W204 C63 AMG engine, transmission, driveline, suspension, brakes and everything.

This is an old future classic with the heart of a growling 6.2L V8. What could possibly go wrong?

As you can imagine, the build wasn’t that straightforward. A lot of alterations to the body work were needed such as shortening of the wheelbase and rebuilding of the engine bay so that it had space for its new beating heart.

This is by no means a pointless mission as the new engine has twice the power of the bog standard 190E engine. Even the EVO II only produced 235 hp so has been completely blown out the water with the arrival of the 457 hp C63’s growling V8.

The fact that we are able to produce projects as cool as this make me wonder if it’s time for a Toyota Century 2JZ swap?...

Is this the best build you've ever seen?