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Meet ID. SPACE VIZZION: Volkswagen's EV concept I am in love with

The aero is remarkable and the interior is a first...

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Today, everyone including me is talking about the Cybertruck. Well here is something better, in my opinion. This is VW's ID. SPACE VIZZION. It was unveiled at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. It is also the 7th member to VW's ID. family. According to VW this concept defines a completely new vehicle segment - Aerodynamic design of a Gran Turismo with the space of an SUV, or I just call it an estate car, this is a bit of a high riding estate car - thats what VW were aiming for when it comes to new segment.

I wonder what the segment is called. Pic credit: Volkswagen

I wonder what the segment is called. Pic credit: Volkswagen

This concept car is based on the Modular electric drive matrix (MEB). This concept is powered by a 82kWh battery that allowes a range of 590 km (WLTP) or 300 miles (EPA). It has a 335 hp (250 kW) 4MOTION system that will allow the ID. SPACE VIZZION to do 0-60 in 5 seconds. I wonder how did they get WLTP and EPA range certifications for concept cars.

...better drag coefficient than supercars...

The brilliance of the car is that it is aerodynamically designed. For the engineers, this meant they were able to optimise aero which allowed them to increase range. I do like the bonnet airflow feature and the entire front end, it is beautiful - I just love it. The airflow is directed using aero witchcraft to the rear where there is a integrated roof spoiler that helps to keep it glued on the road. the drag coefficient on this car is 0.24, that is better than a Lamborghini Diablo 0.31, Pagani Huayra 0.31 and Porsche 918 of 0.29.

In the interior there is a lot of space and a lot of innovation. The space is more of a long-wheelbase premium sedan than a regular one, you really don't need more space. The innovative bits are materials used like the new AppleSkin. No! its not an alternative skin from Apple Inc. Apple skin is an artificial leather that contains some amount of residual material from apple juice production. Additionally, the chrome is not chrome - it is a chrome like finish.

...AN AR heads up-display...

The tech on the inside is the other bit of innovation. It simple but sophisticated. All relevant information will be available on an Augmented Reality heads-up display - thats a first. There is a mini display but, that will only show basic driving information, this is all that you will ever need. The entertainment, comfort, other infotainment functions and vehicle settings can be set from a 15.6 inch touchscreen on the central console. There is also an interactive light strip between A-pillars called ID.Light this is where the driver can receive information as well.

This model is said to give a future look to the series production version which will be presented towards the end of 2021. The production version will be globally launched in variations to specific markets around the world. This does make me happy because there I really love the look of this car and being an estate even a slightly high riding one makes me want it even more.

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