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Despite all of our kicking and screaming and binge drinking gasoline electric vehicles are the future. So we can either stick our heads in the sand or we can embrace it. I will freely admit it took me a while to accept our electron based future. I love the sounds, smells and little nuances that come along with burning combustible fuels to make horsepower. Anything short of those sensations was a bleak and horrible future. Don't get me wrong, I still love all of it but I have started to come around on EVs.

Even though Formula E cars are slow and a bit gimmicky. The cars were slow and yet you needed two of them per driver per race. That is all about to change for the upcoming season as the battery wizards have developed batteries that can last an entire race while maintaining pace. The one thing Formula E did have going for it is the cars look fairly awesome. They look like a future concept for open-wheel race cars without being daft. Formula E is also experiencing a massive influx of manufactures. The Formula E has gone from an interesting idea to a legitimate series. As its status grows it is only natural for the series to spawn smaller support series to fill out a race weekend.

Enter the Jaguar I-Pace an all electric crossover that on the face of it doesn't sound like the most exciting base for a race car. However, that didn't stop Jaguar from using it as their vehicle of choice for the single make Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY series. The series is the first to feature production based EV's. The series is set for ten rounds and will run in conjunction with the Formula E season.

Yesterday Rahal Letterman Lanigan became the first team to announce their official involvement with the series and Jaguar says they will get more to fill the 20 car grid.

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