Meet Jimmy, who's living in his Tesla Model 3 for one year!

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There are several video and text results if you search for ‘Living with a Tesla’ which give a detailed account of what all the car offers and what it takes to maintain it. There is, however, another trend that caught our attention – ‘Living in a Tesla’. There was news about a former Tesla employee quitting his job to live in his Tesla Model X in 2018 and headlines suggest that he loved it. This is perhaps a whole new and modern version of the concept of ‘Van life’, which also attracted Jimmy who now is now living in his Tesla Model 3 in Canada.

Jimmy will be spending a year living in the Model 3 and is also documenting his adventures through a series of videos on his YouTube channel called "TSLA420". Now, we’re not sure if the name has anything to do with Tesla boss Elon Musk partaking in any Weed-smoking Shenanigans, but we’ll be watching out for content on it.

The very first video is about Jimmy taking delivery of his new Model 3 and then, after talking about colour or wrap for his car, the preparation for the Tesla van life begins. The first and seemingly very important thing to do is to install a Roof box, there is after all going to a lot of stuff needed if Jimmy is going to live in the car for 365 days.

He then goes on to detail all that he’s carrying with him in the car and other preparations that also include a haircut. It was only about a week ago when Jimmy lets viewers witness him spending his first night in the car. You could also check his channel out or follow him on Twitter (@ohjimme) for more.

Would you like to live in any car for a Year?? Do lemme know in the comments on what you think about the idea!!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and see ya!!😁

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  • I'd like to try an live in a car, but not a tesla

      13 days ago
  • He's blown up already hasn't he.

      12 days ago
  • ]:|

      13 days ago
  • Jimmy is a psycopath but a cool one

    Be somewhere like Jimmy

      13 days ago
  • Jimmy’s are just madlads. Jimmy broad bent is a sim racer that straight up lives in a shed. He

      12 days ago