Meet Lumma Design CLR LD - a Defender on steroids

A German tuner has given the new Land Rover Defender an upgrade and it's...quite something to say the least.

If you are among the 0.1% of people who thought that the new Land Rover Defender did not look exciting enough when it was first revealed - although I really cannot imagine why you would think like that - then I present to you a solution: a Defender tuned by Germans.

The job was done specifically by a German tuning company called Lumma Design, and the result is something the company has called a “muscle-bound off-road athlete”. For now, I only know of two colour options: dark green and light lime green designed to blind any 9 year-old that looks upon it.

So what does this...thing bring to the table? Well, the CLR LD has "a new a front spoiler, new side skirts, a new rear apron, and a new front grille, all made from lightweight carbon fibre or polyurethane plastic", as well as a 'sports exhaust system' and widened wheel arches.

All I have to say is this: remember that unfortunate event in 1940 when the Germans bombed Coventry and destroyed the historic cathedral there? Well, 80 years later the Germans have done the same to the Defender.

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Comments (14)

  • Some companies need to leave certain cars alone. Land Rover produced a car that can do proper off roading only for this company to remove some of that ability. Pointless! Go pimp an X5 instead!

      8 months ago
  • UGH ! Give me a series landrover anytime !

      8 months ago
  • Can I just say at least they tried to make the butt ugly Land Rover defender, look a bit more interesting. Not that worked

      8 months ago
  • what's the purpose of it?

      8 months ago
  • *Sips unsee juice

      8 months ago