Meet Mario Bonfante Jr., the Racecar Driver in a Wheelchair

1y ago


Last year at Red Bull Global Rallycross, I met a guy in a wheelchair who seemed friendly enough. After chatting with him briefly, he mentioned he was training up at Dirt Fish to drive a Supercar Lite at GRC. I thought, "yeah right."

Turns out I was totally wrong. Little did I know, Mario could turn faster lap times than I could--and he does it without pedals! Mario, who used to race motorcycles before having a bicycle accident eleven years ago, has an incredible story to tell. In his words, he "upgraded" to four wheels after the accident and has just finished up a season of rallysport in Finland.

Here's a quick overview on how he controls his car. The system is totally custom, and developing it has been a rough road for Mario from time to time.

If you have the time, check out Mario's various social media. It's sure to give you a mood boost!

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