Meet MS-RT R120: a superfast Ford Transit Connect

This van has been tuned to be more epic, and I am feeling the urge to buy it.

We can all agree that putting a powerful engine into a small van is an idea worthy of a knighthood. Thankfully, there is a company called MS-RT that tunes Ford's commercial figures, and they have recently unveiled their latest creation: the R120.

What they did was that they took a standard Transit Connect, attached a bodykit to it, attached OZ Racing alloy wheels to it, and then painted it white with red and black decals. They have also put a new engine into it, although it's unknown which one it is. Speculations however point to it being a 1.5-litre diesel engine that produces 120bhp, which was used on a standard version of the MS-RT-tuned Transit Connect.

The best part is, this costs around £26,000, and for that money you get a tuned van with lots of space in the back for your equipment if you are a builder and a substantial amount of space for your kids. Of course, there are no windows for the children to see outside, but I'm sure that won't be necessary when you've got literally got a racing van.

So, if you have ordered the delivery for a new estate car, cancel your order and just purchase the R120; it will be much cheaper and more epic.

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  • 😍 Focus RS's van cousin

      1 month ago