Meet m​y new “Computer”

Is the iPad Air with a Smart Keyboard as good as a proper computer?

1w ago


“W​hat is a computer?” Is a question an iPad advert asked, I’ve been asking myself the same thing. For me, a computer is something I can create on easily, it is something which makes life easier. The new iPad Air is a computer and it is everything I need! I need something which can surf the web and consume content. I used a MacBook Air from 2016-now, I still use the MacBook Air for more intensive tasks, alongside my iMac.


I​ had a choice between a new MacBook, an iPad Pro, an iPad Air, and a normal iPad. I went for the iPad Air as the last 3 MacBooks I have owned have had battery issues. All the iPads I have had have worked flawlessly in fact, I recently gave an iPad which is around 7 years old to my grandmother who just needed it for Facebook and FaceTime, to keep in touch and it is perfect for her. I couldn’t justify a Pro, as there isn‘t a massive advantage to it (for my needs anyway). I​t has a 10.5 inch retna display, which is nice to look at and a pleasure to use.

S​mart Keyboard & Mouse

T​he best purchase for this is the smart keyboard, £160 seems steep for a keyboard. It is magnetic, and the keyboard has fabric coated butterfly switches, which makes the keyboard water resistant too. There is also mouse support, recently I purchased a new Magic Mouse II to replace my first generation and it works a treat, I previously used a Magic Trackpad, but that didn’t support scrolling and stuff, so I quickly swapped it for the mouse.

O​perating system

L​ike most iPads, this runs Apple’s iPadOS, this is incredibly advanced and has much more features for a comparable laptop. The Air also has 64gb of storage built in, unfortunately, the Air does not have a USB type C port on it, only a lightning port. I mainly use it for music, email, media consumption, social media (alongside other things). I occasionally Photoshop (even though I need to learn to use it). Photoshop is a full fledged app, compared to what it used to be


O​ne of the main uses for this iPad is for writing DRIVETRIBE articles and polls and quizes. It may have a smaller screen than my old MacBook, but I can swap tabs easier than before, and can always use my MacBook to do research and find appropriate images on. The iPad does work very well for watching videos and other activities. The Air is also great for using DRIVETRIBE, especially the app. DRIVETRIBE Studio works very well. In fact, I have been writing my DRIVETRIBE articles on the iPad for the past half week and I think this keyboard is better than the one on my previous MacBook, meaning It is perfect for these articles.

S​hould you get one?

T​he answer to this varies, if you have other computers, by all means buy it. If you have around £600 to spend on a computer, buy the iPad. If you need a more powerful machine, buy the iPad Pro Surface pro, MacBook, or PC. The iPad Air suits me, especially since I am so invested in the Apple ecosystem. If in doubt about anything, always do your own research or use a comparison tool to see if it will suit your needs.

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Comments (3)

  • I have a dell pc which runs windows, planning on running macos as a VM

      4 days ago
  • MacBook with dual boot windows is what I use, can’t go without windows but macOS is just nicer to use in many cases

      13 days ago
    • I love MacOS, I’ve not got rid of my MacBook or iMac. I’m trying out the iPad and Smart Keyboard and I could see using this permanently! I do love MacOS though!

        12 days ago