- This thing is now a monster!


The Mercedes AMG GT R has now received a RENNtech package which has transformed it completely!

3y ago

I knew that taking my AMG GT R to RENNtech was going to bring out even more of the beast within it, but even I wasn't expecting it to become this savagely brutal! Thanks to the RENNtech R1 package for the GT R, it's now up to 671 horsepower and 797Nm torque, but I think you're going to have to take a listen to the thunderous sound it makes...

The RENNtech R1 package consists of new downpipes with 200-cell sports cats, an ECU upgrade and blow-off valve adaptors. The total power is up from the standard 585PS and 700Nm (which read at around 612PS and 714Nm stock) to the new figures of 671PS and 797Nm; some serious gains that make it a ridiculous fast machine.

After a comparison of the exhaust sound from stock to how it is with the RENNtech parts, then a short drive to become accustomed to it, it's into the dyno to get the readings as to how much power it now has. Finally it's the Autobahn drive by night back home, stretching the legs and discovering just how ridiculously capable this thing is now.

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  • Tuners are missing a trick. The GT3 race cars have their exhausts coming out from the front wings on side exit. That's how I would want mine done and make it a road going GT3 car. Now I just need to win the lottery.

      3 years ago