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Meet Richard Hammond's New-To-Him Morgan Three-Wheeler

I couldn't tell whether it was fresh from the dealer or 70 years old

3y ago

Jeremy Clarkson quipped once on TopGear that Morgan hadn't got a styling department, they only had a photocopier. Richard Hammond's latest acquisition doesn't really do much to help their case.

In early November, Hammond hinted on DriveTribe that he had taken delivery of a new toy to add to his collection, and his only clue was that it would roll out of the trailer on a single plank of wood, rather than the usual two. This led me to think it was a bike, but as it turned out, it was something quite a lot more interesting: a 1936 Morgan Super Sports. With (you guessed it) only three wheels. You can watch its official reveal right here.

The Morgan's engine was supplied by now-defunct British motorcycle marque Matchless, who were Morgan's official V-twin supplier for a number of years either side of WWII. It's the precursor to the modern Morgan Three-Wheeler, a car which is unsafe, uncomfortable, impractical, and as Hammond proved at Donington, quite slow. Nevertheless, despite its objective silliness, the Three-Wheeler drips with charm, and it's no surprise that its progenitor would be attractive to Hammond; May and Clarkson relentlessly mocked his decision to order an AeroMax some years ago, which surprisingly remained functional when Clarkson's Ford GT didn't.

The Morgan, which Hammond bought from its previous owner of 54 years, joins his illustrious cadre of classics; surprisingly, he owns more vintage cars than either Jeremy or James, both of whom could be considered classics themselves. Among his collection is a '68 Mustang GT 390 in McQueen Green (note: not actual color name) which was the first car he drove on film after the colossal Rimac crash over the summer, as well as several Land Rovers, a Jaguar E-Type which broke down during one of the Perfect Road Trip films, and a 1931 Lagonda which he drives in the video above since the Morgan has some issues to work out. The gear shift is on the wrong side and the pedals are backwards, but its dinky little supercharged engine makes an incredible noise, and that's all you really need.

Whether the Morgan is very super or very sporty remains very up for debate, but he seems happy with it. Hopefully it won't be fast enough for him to crash.


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Comments (3)

  • Hammond, I picked up the Barrels and heads from Bob for my 3 speeder project ( thank you for agreeing to let me have them) and saw your Morgan. It's a cracker Enjoy !!

      3 years ago
  • Surely a JAP engine not Matchless?

      3 years ago
    • No my mistake they changed to Matchless in 1935, This is a modern one then 😂

        3 years ago