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Meet Silver Spectre, the Rolls-Royce Wraith Shooting Brake

What the hell are these people smoking?

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If you've ever wanted a Rolls-Royce wagon, or shooting brake, you've now got your wish. Nope, this isn't a mock-up or 3D rendering; this is a coachbuilt model, limited to just 7 units.

This is the product of a collaboration between Belgium-based coachbuilder Carat Duchatelet and Niels Van Roij, who also designed a one-off wagon version of the Tesla Model S. For this particular job, the fabrication team had to dramatically reshape the stock Wraith's raked roofline, resulting in a long, gradually sloping roof and an extra-wide C-pillar. The metallic window trim pays homage to high-end British automakers in the past.

In addition to the (small) cargo space increase, you get bulky leather-upholstered panels on either side, which cut into the hatch's floor space. However, as with every other Rolls-Royce, each Silver Spectre will be completely bespoke to the customer, from the colors to the materials to the monograms on the seats, so you can likely alter the cargo area if you so desire. No word if these seven unique vehicles are sold out yet (they probably are).

(Source: Motor Trend)

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