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Meet the 1987 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC: a car owned by four F1 champions

The four Formula One world champions are Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna, Keke Rosberg and James Hunt

2d ago

Back in the 80s when the Mercedes Benz 560 was launched, it was given the name ‘bahn-stormer’ because back in the day this German saloon could blow up any car with its bonkers performance. What's more, it had a boot which meant it was perfect for the rich class who also loved speed.

Powered by a bold 5.5-litre V8 capable of producing 227bhp and 279 Ft-Lbs of torque, this Merc had a top speed of 155 mph. This is quick even by today's standards, let alone the 1980s standards.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the engine in the 560 SEC was king as it could outdo its rivals in term of fuel efficiency. All this was thanks to the Sonderklass Einspritzmotor, a German phrase for Special Class Injection Engine (thus the name 'SEC') which helps in fuel efficiency.

Inside you will find exquisite cream leather seats and classic wooden centre panel. Also, don't forget the lovely Merc carpets.

The 560 has been owned by four legendary Formula 1 World champions - Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna, Keke Rosberg and James Hunt. So if it was good for them then it can be the perfect car for anyone.

Tempted to buy this particular Merc? Well, we have some good news for you as this car is right now available on Automotive Auctions UK. The current bid at the time of writing was £17,500.

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Comments (9)

  • The power output of this just shows the advancement in engine tech that some 2.0 diesel 4-cyl now puts more power and torque.

    Love the car though but personally wouldn’t assign any value to the historic owners. This statement i’d take with a pinch of salt as the advert says two previous owners and is ambiguously worded to imply this car has had all those owners. Anyway, how many F1 champions buy used cars??

      2 days ago
    • Those figures are not correct,it had 299 Hp (euro)/221kw and 455nm of torque

        2 days ago
    • Don't think he means 4 world champions owned that specific car, but that those 4 had owned a 560 SEC at some point

        2 days ago
  • Love this - not sure if I'd want to buy one owned by 4 F1 champions, but I sure want one

      2 days ago
    • Mate, this particular car wasn't owned by them but all those 4 had a Merc 560 SEC in their garage

        2 days ago
  • Had one. I’ve owned all kinds of cars and this still to this date was one of my favorites.

      1 day ago
  • And my Dad's favorite car

      1 day ago
  • Almost as nice as Dalton's blue one in Road House.

      1 day ago