Meet the Aero GT: The hand-built car that will put a big grin on your face

It's the most hardcore road-going Morgan ever built, but it's still about having fun

2y ago

Morgan’s Aero GT is the last naturally aspirated V8 Morgan Aero car, it marks the end of Morgan’s time using BMW’s 4.8-litre, burble-tastic V8 as well. Morgan is only going to build eight of them, and after a spin in a pre-production model here’s the eight things you need to know about the last eight Aeros…

1. It's the most hardcore road-going Morgan ever built

Thanks to adjustable dampers, downforce-aiding aero tweaks, and an angry set up, the Aero GT is the most hardcore production Morgan to hit the road. Morgan reckons it’ll top 170mph and you’ll have a blast doing so, especially because it weighs in at just 1180kgs – that’s 78kgs less than a Lotus Evora GT430.

2. It sounds INCREDIBLE

You get the full blast of the glorious noise thanks to the side exhausts

You get the full blast of the glorious noise thanks to the side exhausts

Morgan’s never been shy about letting its cars make plenty of noise – delicious old school warbles that meant you could tell what car was half a mile away before you’d even seen it. The 362bhp/370lb ft 4.8-litre motor doesn’t half announce itself.

Thanks to side exit exhausts you get the GT’s full blast under your ear. This is A Good Thing. Imagine the sound of a 60’s muscle car, add a touch of Jaguar’s phenomenal V8 pops and bangs, a hint of E92 M3 and you’re about there. Now make it louder. Theeerrrrre we are. Nothing sounds quite like it, and sadly nothing that follows will either.

3. The aero tweaks actually do something

See those diveplanes on the front? The louvres sliced out of the wings? They actually do something. The Aero GT isn’t a case of ‘throw some bits on it and flog it for more’. The GT is more aerodynamically efficient than the Aero 8 it’s based on. You can even fit a carbon hard top to make it more efficient at dealing with the air ahead of the car.

4. Each Aero GT has the personal touch

While Morgan can go as bespoke as you like on any of its motors, the GT clients have all sat down with the firm to discuss exactly what it is they want from their cars. Everything from paint colour, trim, to additional work are on the table. This means no two GTs will be truly alike, ensuring that they’ll be the most special Aero cars ever made.

5. It's not about being razor sharp

You don't need to be a pro to drive the Aero GT

You don't need to be a pro to drive the Aero GT

If you want to feel like a Le Mans superstar on the byways and highways there are plenty of German firms who’ll take a vast sum of your cash and give you a stunning piece of ‘basically a racecar’ engineering. That, for a lot of people, is as good as it gets. Fair play. However, while the Aero GT is the most hardcore Mog ever made, it’s still about being fun. It doesn’t punish mistakes, and why should it? It’s certainly fast enough for most people, and while its steering is a touch vague you can still point it where you want it to go. It’s all about putting a big grin on your face and having a giggle, not taking itself too seriously.

6. Ergonomics aren’t the Aero GT’s thing

It’s car that looks like a 1950’s futurist wet dream, and that’s most definitely a good thing, but those lines have a few drawbacks. The driver’s seat is pressed right up against the door, meaning there’s nowhere for your elbow to go when you’re hustling.



You’ve got to be careful not to knock your funny bone if you get excited. There’s also not much in the way of cabin storage – some small door pockets, a tray for sundries behind the handbrake, and a glove… hole is about your lot. And the boot, obviously, but you don’t want to lob your phone and wallet in there on every journey.

7. It’s what the Morgan Aero 8 could have looked like

As with any design process the finished Aero 8, the GT’s production forebear, had a number of previous iterations. The GT is one of them. With wild angles, vents, wings, and all sorts of angry stuff thrown in, it’s less ‘cool, calm car for blatting around the countryside’ and more ‘ I’M GONNA RIP YOUR FACE OFF’. The OG car is cool… this is cooler.

8. It embraces the old school

It’s hand built, hand painted, hand finished. It doesn’t feel like it’s been bolted together by disenfranchised line workers in an anonymous factory in a European version of Luton. It’s a Morgan ‘thing’ to have someone work on a new car who’s been in the factory for decades, and that’s a good thing. Others may be faster, sharper, easier to rest your elbows and phone in, but the abundance of plastic and bits shared with lesser models to cut costs is obvious and takes from the experience.

Looks good from the front though...

Looks good from the front though...

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