Meet the Ambassadors pt.1: Patricia Pedrosa

We meet the first ambassador who accepted my invite for an interview

3y ago

One of the most impressive things I have come across while hanging around the Anorakfest that is Drivetribe, was the passion of Patricia Pedrosa. I first met her among the heated debate regarding the existence of porn-related content on this wonderful site. She was one of the most driven voices of the anti-porn movement, and the commitment to this cause really struck a chord with me. Since then you may have come across her #on-the-go videos, or have hung around her chatroom, #pats-gang. Now however she is an official ambassador for all the driven women of DriveTribe.

I will now refrain from attempting to write a good article, and let her speak for herself.

1. Please state your name and any personal information you feel comfortable sharing with us (like age, birthplace, nationality etc…)

My name is Patricia Pedrosa, I am 28, and I'm from Brazil.

2. How did you find out about and start on Drivetribe?

I found out about DriveTribe when James May announced it on his twitter, which I follow. I was a big Facebook user, so I just liked DriveTribe on Facebook. I gave it a try once and got scared with the adult content that was being shared, so I didn't return for a while. One day I woke up and decided that it was time for things to change, so I logged on DriveTribe and began my career here as a troublemaker.

3. How would you sum up your experience so far?

It's been a great one. I love meeting new people and here on DriveTribe I get to talk to people from all walks of life.

4. Do you have any tribes?

I have two tribes: Car Gramophone is where I share articles about classical music and motoring. My other tribe, #girlpower, is of historical importance to DriveTribe, in a way. It used to be one of the biggest tribes with adult content on DriveTribe. It was deleted by its tribe leader and reclaimed by me. It is now where I collect the best content by, for, and about women on DriveTribe.

I'm expecting that more women will feel welcome at DriveTribe. I believe that's an important first step for positive change in the motoring world.

5. One of your main focuses in your time here is the issue of women’s struggle to be taken seriously in the car community.

Tell us why that is so important to you and how would you like Drivetribe to approach this subject.

What I have noticed so far is that asking for change is not only exhausting and full of conflict, but also doesn't solve much. Seldom people in power abdicate from their privileges for others. Instead, I try to focus on making women proud of themselves and welcomed. When it comes to DriveTribe, I am immensely grateful that changes were made to make the platform welcoming to women, children, and others.

6. Tell us a few words about your passions outside of Drivetribe

I have multiple passions outside of DriveTribe. I play the cello and act, sometimes both at once. I love everything art related, from photography to reading a good book. I'm also a mild tech nerd.

7. What will you be the ambassador for?

I am ambassador for Women of DriveTribe and for Alternative Energy.

I think DT staff deserves a raise. Seriously. I get tired just watching them work.

8. What is the role of ambassador and what are the goals of the position?

I see the role of an ambassador as a facilitator. We bring the best content to those interested by sharing it to the Verticals and Facebook, and we also help DriveTribers to keep creating content by inspiring, collaborating, helping, connecting people, etc through chats and engaging with their work.

9. What do you expect from this ambassador program regarding the specific area you will be in charge of?

I'm expecting that more women will feel welcome at DriveTribe. I believe that's an important first step for positive change in the motoring world.

10. Where will we see what you post?

I'll be reposting all the best original content created by women of DriveTribe to the vertical on the main DriveTribe feed and also to the Facebook page Women of DriveTribe. I'll keep posting my own articles and videos to #girlpower.

11. Any messages for the Drivetribe Team?

I think DT staff deserves a raise. Seriously. I get tired just watching them work.

12. Any messages for the fellow ambassadors? 13. Any messages for the women on Drivetribe?

My message for ambassadors and for women on DriveTribe is the same: If you need me, I'm always happy to help. You know where to find me. (#pats-gang chat channel. PLUG!)

14. Anything you would like to tell the Drivetribe members?

I want to ask them to support tribe leaders by bumping and commenting their content. Content creators get really excited when they hear from you guys. So, if you like what you see, put a bump on it! Have fun at DriveTribe!

Last but not least, thank you Pat for being the first one to do this interview and thank you Ben and Lucy for helping me out with the questions.

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Comments (35)

  • What a wonderful article on a truly incredible woman :) I️ am so honored to be part of # girl power 💕

      3 years ago
  • I love . She rocks! She's definitely of a select few I've met on DT that I now consider friends.

      3 years ago
  • What a great idea this is! Great work Eduard, really!! I’ve always been a big Pat fan so its good to see these awesome vlogs getting the attention they deserve, keep up he good work guys :))

      3 years ago
  • So as an ambassador - how exactly can that help me and my Tribe? My platform for the youngsters could really need a boost...

      3 years ago
    • Hi Annika! You can count on me and the motorsport ambassadors to repost your articles to the new verticals that will be released on DriveTribe soon and to share your articles to the dedicated Facebook DriveTribe pages (Women of DriveTribe...

      Read more
        3 years ago
    • Thank you very much Patricia! That sounds great! I also have a whole new plan to make my platform even bigger for next year. First thought DriveTribe wouldn't do anything and was already thinking about leaving, tbh. But I'll first wait and...

      Read more
        3 years ago
  • This is such a good read, I'm impressed by your passion and deliberation every day anew, Pat. Hope to be at least half as brilliant as you are, one day.

      3 years ago