Meet the Ambassadors pt.2: Matthew D'Souza

From there and back again.

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Today we meet the man with the richest cultural background here on DriveTribe. Matthew has been a long time here, as his golden tick suggests. In that time he has shown us that no matter how small the car they can still be amazing. He may have left at one point, but that only made his return so much better. Now, the man that lives all things in life in the Italian way will now make your acquaintance.

1. Please state your name and any personal information you feel comfortable sharing with us

Hi my name is Matthew D'souza. I'm 18 and I was born in Mumbai, India and and then we moved to Uganda, Africa where I stayed for six years before returning to India for a bit. I am of Indian, Iraqi and Portuguese descent. For the last 5 years I've been living in a little island nation that is New Zealand in a city called Auckland and I am a University student.

2. What was your first encounter with Drivetribe and why did you join?

I joined DT because I knew it would be a place for petrolheads since I only have a few friends who like cars, the others aren't really that interested in my car talk or my pictures on instagram about cars. Since about Feb this year I had been following DT's facebook page and then eventually I decided to get the app in March and I created a tribe and posted to it but it wasn't successful and at that point DT confused me so I just left it. Then I came back around June and the first tribe I posted to was I Spotted This which is run by James Harvey and it was a picture of a Lamborghini Huracan or something and from then on I haven't looked back. In the last 6 months I've gone on to create 3 other tribes.

3. Do you have any tribes of your own?

Yes, I have 4 tribes. Links below. (at the end of the article)

NZ loves the V8

4. Tell us a bit about the car culture in New Zealand

In New Zealand, we get alot of cars that are Japanese imports so naturally the Tuner culture is very strong here. However, NZ loves the V8. There is alot of support for American muscle cars and V8 Holden's here. The supercar culture is picking up as well. People here love classic cars, very much so. So really NZ is a mixed bag of car cultures in the same way it is a mixed bag of cultures, there are people of every race here it seems!

5. What category will you be the ambassador for?

I am the ambassador for Supercars and Classics! Two categories that I love and the ones that I have the most knowledge about.

6. What do you drive? Do you own any classic cars?

My current daily driver and first car is my 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer. It's got a 1.5l engine and an automatic transmission though it is fun to drive and handles well in corners. It's a great first car for me. No, due to my youth I haven't been able to own any classic cars yet

7. Would you buy a project car and if yes which one?

I'm mostly a fan of stock cars and unmodified stuff but if I had to buy a project car it would have to be a Nissan Silvia S15 or an Alfa Romeo 156 V6.

8. What do you think the role of an ambassador is and what are the goals of the position?

I think the role of an ambassador is to help grow interest in certain areas in the community and to promote good quality content to the general public so that more people join DriveTribe and add to the great community we already have here. Our goal is to promote the best content from a particular category so that it raises interest in that category and gets people talking about it

9. What do you expect from this ambassador program regarding the specific area you will be in charge of?

I expect that the areas I am in charge of will grow well because already supercars and classics are two very popular categories and our role is just to build further interest in them and getting people to share their thoughts on a particular car or car type.

10. Where will we see what you post?

You should be able to see what I post in my tribes and my profile. For my ambassador specific content, you will be able to see this on the DriveTribe classics page and the DriveTribe supercars page. You will also be able to see this content on DriveTribe in the ambassador specific tribes once they are set up.

My favourite singers are Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin

11. What are your passions outside of Drivetribe?

Outside of DriveTribe and cars, I am a mega football fan especially of the Italian League and their national football team. I enjoy playing most sports, I have been a columnist for a local newspaper and I have had a poem of mine published in a book. I also enjoy Italian food and my favourite singers are Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

12. If you were to change something about the site what would it be?

Overall I really like DT and its user interface. Maybe one think I would change is that to make content on the home page more equal because there are small tribes with really good content that are not getting any exposure. I believe that the team are working on this so I'll leave it to them.

13. Any messages for the DT team and the fellow ambassadors?

The DT team have been amazing in dealing with all the issues both technical and political that have arisen so far. They have been very quick to sort things out and are always friendly. I'm really proud of the way things are going with the Ambassador program, it has been frustrating that it is taking so much time but I guess it will fall into place eventually. I was really honoured to be nominated as an ambassador and I have met so many great car guy and girls here some of whom are also ambassadors and I am really privileged to work with them. A special shoutout to the classics ambassadors, you guys are doing great.

14. Any messages for the whole DT community?

I am just so amazed by this community on DT. The whole atmosphere is really positive and unlike other social media platforms. People even post pictures and ask for help with identifying the car and instead of making fun of them, people help them. There is such a large variety of content here on DT and it isn't hard to find tribes with good, honest content. So far I have just been amazed by this experience and I have made many friends here who I will be hoping to visit in the future. It has been such an incredible experience to be a part of and there have been ups and downs but its all worked out well so far. People on DT, you are awesome, keep doing your thing and keep making DT an enjoyable motoring hub for everyone! I can assure you I won't be leaving DT anytime soon and I hope we can all play a part in helping this community that we love, grow!

You can find Matt's tribes and his social media links here:


Take care, Matt!

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      3 years ago
  • Awesome bio of a great tribe leader. Not only does he really know his cars, but he has great taste in music, too! 👍🏻

      3 years ago
  • Terrific interview!

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  • Great interview! Very happy to work with both of you as classics ambassadors, this is going to be great fun :)

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      3 years ago
    • thanks. yea they kind of struck out badly against Sweden

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