- Cool Formula E image from this years NY ePrix where it was soaking wet for practice

Meet the ambassadors pt.3: Hayley Stanway

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Today we meet the woman who is responsible for keeping us up to date with everything that is going on in the world of motor racing. From F1 and WEC to the competitions that were previously obscure to me. I have been in the front seat witnessing the rocketlike rise of her tribe Racing Lines. Now it is time to find out if she keeps 20 TVs in her house all tuned to racing channels or if she has one of those time-turners like Hermione from the Harry Potter books.

1. Please state your name and any personal information you feel comfortable sharing with us

I’m Hayley Stanway and I’m from Glasgow, Scotland. I’m currently a scientist with big plans for the future and an even bigger passion for motorsport!

2. What was the rationale behind the decision of joining DT?

I’ve been a member since shortly after launch, in November last year. I must have found out through social media, most likely around the time the Grand Tour was airing – I got tickets for the filming at Loch Ness and was all over the GT FB page like you wouldn’t believe! I was under the impression it was just a platform to interact with Clarkson, Hammond and May, which is pretty awesome and I immediately joined with that intention. It’s become so much more to me though.

3. Do you have any tribes?

I do! My main tribe is Racing Lines. It’s the home of motorsport on Drivetribe, on four wheels and two. I like to post news from the track and gossip from the paddock of all series when I have the time, but it’s open for all to post so head over and get involved! I have a much smaller tribe called Motorsports Events which was originally set up so people could share photos and stories about motoring and motorsport events they had been to and others could check it out for ideas of what events to go and stuff – like a reviews page. In all honestly, it’s seems to have become a place for me to just share my F1 photos!

I follow all the teams and drivers from each category and people involved so I tend to hear about things there before anywhere else.

4. As a personal fan of Racing Lines I have to ask: how much TV do you watch in order to keep up with all the motorsport news?

A lot. I don’t have time to catch everything and I get so annoyed about it! I will absolutely not miss any F1, F2, GP3 and F3 and I try to catch all the WEC races, although this is more difficult and then it’s just as much as I can grab beyond that. I tend to keep up to date with news between races on apps and twitter though. I follow all the teams and drivers from each category and people involved so I tend to hear about things there before anywhere else.

The view from my seats on Club Corner at Silverstone. Same corner every year.

5. As we can tell you are a motorsport fan. Which category, race or event is your absolute favourite and why?

F1 is my absolute favourite but followed very closely by F2 which is ridiculously entertaining. It’s everything that people who complain about F1 need to be watching! Difficult to choose between them all though!

6. What would a perfect race weekend be for you?

One that I am at, preferably! Alternatively, it would be perfect if there was an Eastern F1 race that had F2 and GP3 so they were on really early my time, a European F3 race later in the morning, early afternoon Formula E race, the second F3 race late afternoon and then WEC in the USA. That would be pretty awesome. Bit of WRX and MotoGP somewhere too, but that’s asking a bit much of myself!.

Silverstone is my favourite track just because i've been there so many times!

7. Would you like to race cars one day yourself?


Me with Lewis Hamilton. Im not a massive fan of his but he is a legend and has masses of time for the fans

8. What category will you be the ambassador for?

I’m an ambassador for Motorsport and F1 (which is a separate category as it is so massive with such a huge following)

9. What do you think the role of an ambassador is and what are the goals of the position?

10. What are your expectations from this ambassador program regarding the specific area you will be in charge of?

(9 + 10) It’s my job to look for all the best motorsport (inc F1) related content and promote it. There are lots of people covering motorsport in small clusters that don’t get noticed because the bigger tribes are more visible. It’s my job to fish out the good stuff, no matter how small and well hidden it is, and make sure people see it so that those content producers get the recognition they deserve for their work. This includes promoting posts on Drivetribe, but also on the Motorsport and F1 Facebook pages which have an enormous following so, you guys, please keep producing your great content and I will find it. You can help by posting links to it on the #Racing-lines or #F1 chat spaces and tagging me so I can have a look and make sure it’s seen!

Took this, among others while I had access to the Pit Lane on the Saturday night last year

11. Where will we see what you post?

My own stuff is predominantly on Racing Lines, although I’m prone to a spot or two so look out for my rubbish photography skills on the spotted tribes. Keep up by following me (click follow on my profile!)

here is one of my recent spots (shout out to carspotter central)

12. What are your passions outside of Drivetribe?

Outside Drivetribe, I am literally just a mad scientist. When I’m not in the lab, I like to catch up on all the latest innovations – oh, if anyone has a paper or any detailed info on the ‘self-healing’ properties of the new Lambo, send it my way because this I have got to see! I also host events at the University to help the students with the trickier stuff and some to just keep everyone amused like guest talks from interesting people. Also crazy social events. General non-science social stuff too and tennis, nothing too out the ordinary there!

13. If you were to change something about the site what would it be?

Honestly, I’d just like to have more time to use it. I was really really active for a long time and I am now immersed in my work and sad that I can’t post as much. I do have time to do the ambassadors job though and, as soon as I’m more available, il be posting more again – please stick with me! Also, I’d like it to anchor you to a place on a page when you select something else so that when you return, you haven’t lost your place – I know they are working on this though.

14. Any messages for the DT team and the fellow ambassadors?

Thank you for involving me as an ambassador and for allowing me to play a role in how the whole ambassador program is shaped. There have been some bumps but once it’s firing on all cylinders, it should be really cool!

15. Any messages for the whole DT community?

Thank you to you all for being so passionately involved in the areas of the platform that I hang out in. It feels like a real community that can get a good discussion going but that are welcoming for all and it’s been amazing to watch it grow. Remember, if you see something you like, give it a bump and get the discussion going in the comments. I know a lot of producers are really motivated when they know people are engaged, so you keep coming and we’ll keep producing!

Here it is: everything you wanted to know about Hayley. And if you want to take any advice from me: FOLLOW HER TRIBE AND HER PROFILE (links below)

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