Meet the Aviar R67 - an 840bhp all-electric Ford Mustang from Russia

What you're looking at here is not a Mustang - but it is the Mustang's Russian electric doppelganger...

2y ago

Nowadays, it’s become increasingly popular to electrify classic cars. The ritual for doing this usually entails ripping out the old and glorious internal combustion heart, and replacing it with an electric drivetrain. The car you’re about to see here however is built from the ground up as an electric classic - which will surprise you when you see it.

Looks suspiciously like a ’67 Ford Mustang Fastback, doesn’t it? What it is in reality however is a copy of a Mustang’s body that’s been packed with 840 horsepower’s worth of electric oomph. If Ford wishes to sue the people behind this car however, chances are, they’ll find novichok on their letterbox - because it’s made in Russia!

Known officially as the Aviar R67, it promises to combine the looks of a classic with future technology and supreme comfort. Thanks to the 840 horsepower - provided by a pair of motors, one on each axle (resulting in 4 wheel drive) - exceptional performance is also possible.

Aviar claim the R67 is capable of hitting 60mph from a standstill in just 2.2 seconds, and it will carry on to a top speed of 155mph. Trying to achieve that however will certainly result in you not achieving the quoted range of 315 miles.

The body isn’t the only thing car enthusiasts will be familiar with. The one and only photo provided of the interior shows a bit of a mismatch of elements from other manufacturers. The overly large centre-screen is taken straight from Tesla, while the intricate-looking air-vents appear to be inspired by those you’d find in a Mercedes.

For those despairing at how the electric motor replaces the V8 noise with mere silence, Aviar is saying that the R67 will come with something that - and I quote - "simulates the operation of the engine and exhaust system of the legendary Ford Mustang Shelby GT500”. They say the R67 will also come with self-driving technology; although the unofficial word is this system won’t work if you live in Salisbury (!)

As of yet, the R67 is not a part of reality - and to be honest, if it ever does get made, I’ll eat my own nerve agent. Aviar is saying the body will either be made out of aluminium, carbon fibre, or both; they’re also saying it will run on air-suspension that will provide comfort when you need it, and sportiness upon pressing the appropriate button. But saying is one thing; doing is quite another. And given how much...erm...”inspiration” they’ve taken from other manufacturers, I’m curious as to how they’re licensing it all. Also, where exactly are their batteries coming from? Questions that’ll probably never get answered as the R67 disappears into the aether forevermore.

But what do you guys think about this car? Do you think it’s a good idea? Or are you very much hoping it fails miserably? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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Comments (23)

  • It's all good, except for the "simulation of original mustang sound" which just is not how the world works, embrace the actual nature of electric cars.

      2 years ago
  • I was in love until I saw all electric. Then I was suddenly and violently sick.

      2 years ago

      2 years ago
  • “How to ruin an icon”

      2 years ago
  • A new form of vaporware - easy to render and will never get built.

      2 years ago