Meet the car nut-Sam Hard.

You've seen his videos shared on DriveTribe now find out what makes him tick.

Sarah: So Sam, can you introduce yourself to DriveTribe for those of the readers who don't know you?

Sam: Well I’m a self confessed American muscle fanatic who can’t stop buying cars I don’t need!!!!

Sarah: What age were you when you first started to ''notice'' cars?

Sam: I was 9 years old and I was racing classic minis.

Sarah: Was there anyone who influeneced you to become a fan of cars? Family?

Sam: My dad!! The bearded legend.

Sarah: From the trio, Clarkson, Hammond and May, who is your favoutire and why?

Sam: Probably May as he really seems to not care what people think he’s a true epic lone warrior.

Sarah: Whom of the trio do you think you are most alike when it comes to your choice in cars and why?

Sam: Hammond loves a muscle car … but I’m a little taller lol

Sarah: What has been your favourite car to work on in the last year?

Sam: The LamPoorghini.

Sarah: What's your favourite car you have ever worked on and why?

Sam: My NasCharger as seen on my YouTube channel a real Univeral studios Dodge Charger which I installed a NASCAR chassis.

Sarah: Can you tell us a bit about your business?

Sam: I’m a car builder, car salesman / self confessed nutter!!

Sarah: Since, I'm the Irish Ambassador for DriveTribe, have you ever been to Ireland, do you plan on coming to Ireland if you haven't and have you ever been to an Irish car event if you have been to the Emerald Isle?

Sam: Never been to Ireland …. Send me a ticket I’ll see you soon!!

Sarah: What is your favourite classic car and why?

Sam: 1970 Dodge Charger nothing cooler than American muscle.

Sarah: What is your favourite JDM car and why?

Sam: Honda S2000 killer car small and powerful.

Sarah: What was your first car? How much did it cost and how long did you have it for?

Sam: 1980’s YUGOSLAV SANA paid £50 for two lol sold super fast!! Bought from my dinner lady.

Sarah: What is the fastest you have ever driven and where did it happen?

Sam: 167 mph in the Nascharger!! Got arrested!! In Dodge city USA.

Sarah: What's the biggest loss you have made on a car and what car was it?

Sam: I don’t loose money on cars.

Sarah: What's the biggest profit you have made on a car and what was it?

Sam: 6 figures but that would be telling!

Sarah: What's the worse car you have ever worked on and why?

Sam: Renault 4 …. Cut my self like 15 times… what a stupid car!

Sarah: What's been the best car you've ever worked on?

Sam: Detomaso pantera.

Sarah: Have you ever refuse to sell someone a car base on them trying to haggle the price too much?

Sam: Yep all the time…. Cars not for sale …. I’m keeping it I warn them before they come the price is not negotiable… don’t even haggle me a pound even if you offer me a packet of crisps!

Sarah: What's the most expensive car you have ever sold?

Sam: £105000.

Sarah: Is there any car you would never buy?

Sam: Oooooo nope there’s an a£$e for every seat!

Sarah: What's kept you going through the bad times, automotive wise?

Sam: Problems I love solving problems … I’m a qualified diagnostic technician so burrying my head alway helps.

Sarah: What's your favourite automotive tv programme?

Sam: Fast n loud.

Sarah: What's the most fulfilling part of your job?

Sam: Being able to employ my family.

Sarah: Tell us about your YouTube Channel?

Sam: It’s a day in the life of me either building crazy nascar powered movie cars or just me buying crazy shit.

Sarah: Money no object, you can have any car you want, what do you pick and why?

Sam: Detomaso pantera American power Italian styling.

Sarah: What are your thoughts on electric cars?

Sam: I’ll take a new ev hummer please!

Sarah: Turbo or Supercharged?

Sam: Both no Lagg!!

Sarah: If you could have any of the cars from the Grand Tour Lochdown special which would you pick and why?

Sam: Cadillac pure body roll !

Sarah: Can you tell us a random fact either about you, a car you have had or Hard Up Garage?

Sam: I once found four cars I forgot I owned lol!!! Plus did you know that AMG stands for Ahhh MYYY God!!

A massive thanks to Sam for doing this interview, he is a busy busy man! If you'd like to follow him and Hard Up Garage on social media I have listed the links below!





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