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Meet the cleanest Nissan 300ZX you've ever seen

Mirror, mirror on the wall, I love this Z car most of all

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I'd like to preface this by saying that when it comes to cars, there are two things I love most: JDM and Watanabes. Put those things together, and I might ask for your hand in marriage.

Needless to say, when I saw this 300ZX on my Instagram feed, I knew I had found something special. If there was a car I'd give a finger for, this would be it. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Attikus's Canadian 1984 Nissan 300ZX Turbo (Z31).

Turn the time machine back a few years to sometime in 2018. Young Attikus was in the market for a Z33, or a 350Z as we call it in America, to daily drive and learn stick on. There was a guy in his city that had a similar Datsun done in Kyusha-style, which from my research is a style focused on classic Japanese cars with period-correct mods. That car started Attikus's dream to own a Z car done in that style.

Image courtesy of @alburnekphotography

Image courtesy of @alburnekphotography

During a day of intense web searching, he found this car posted for sale on Kijiji with 45,000 km (27,962 mi) on the clock. As you might expect from those miles, the car was minty. We’re talking next to nothing had been replaced or repaired and not a speck of rust was to be found.

The car was originally bought from a Nissan dealership in London, Ontario. A successful farmer had bought the sporty green car for his daughter to drive in the summers. Not long after that, she got pregnant and the car was stored in his barn until it was sold to the 2nd owner who lived down the road. The second owner continued to cherish this Z31 and used it as his Sunday driver during the warm months that the southern Canada climate has to offer.

At the time, the car was riding on some very dated Bridgestone Potenzas which were probably the original tires from 1984. In order to pass the safety certification, and not die while driving it, she got some brand new shoes.

Image courtesy of @alburnekphotography

Image courtesy of @alburnekphotography

Since this was Attikus's new car, something had to go awry. Well, it just so happened that during the 2-hour drive home with the car on the rented trailer, a massive thunderstorm reared its ugly head which made for one of the sweatiest car rides of his life. Luckily, all the occupants, including the car, made it home with no issues.

Let's talk mods, I've teased you for long enough. Turbo 300ZX models, much like this one, came with a dynamic suspension selector. That's cool and all but the stock suspension was not going to suffice for Attikus's spirited driving so instead, she received some PowerTrix Coilovers and roll center adjusters. The entire stock exhaust was also replaced with a stainless steel straight pipe for some very nice brap-braps. In the front lays a Cusco front strut brace with stopping power provided by four Stoptech slotted and drilled rotors and Stoptech ceramic pads. The story with the brakes is that during spirited drives, the stock brake setup presented a worrying amount of heat soaking that was fixed by the new rotors and pads.

The factory undertray was also replaced with an aluminum tray which allows for improved cooling underneath the engine. Lastly, the stock clutch made way for a more sporty stage 1 clutch from Centerforce for buttery shifts. Under the hood rests the 3.0 L VG30ET V6 Turbo with a faster-than-my-Corolla 200HP.

Image courtesy of @alburnekphotography

Image courtesy of @alburnekphotography

Yes, those are real 15” R Type Watanabes wheels spec’d to match that Kyusha look I mentioned before. According to the man himself, they cost him "an arm and a leg ;)" and knowing what real Wats go for nowadays, I believe him. While we're looking at the outside of the car, let's talk about that green. That's a stock Nissan color called Dark Green Metallic and it is one of the rarest Z31 colors of any production year. This color was only available in Canada and the US and even then, very few cars had it. It just makes this specific example even more cool and unique.

Thankfully, Attikus is a driver and he plans to drive and possibly even track this car. Much like yours truly, he is a big fan of driving slow cars fast and plans on keeping the stock VG engine the way it is. As of now, the only future plan he has for the car is modifying the exhaust and having a classic Kakimoto racing muffler from Japan fitted on. Coupled with the Yokohama, Japan sticker on the windshield, this car is as JDM as they get over here.

Image courtesy of @alburnekphotography

Image courtesy of @alburnekphotography

In closing, I'd like to thanks Attikus for the interview and just continue to fangirl over this car for a bit. I am absolutely in love with that color and the 80s stripes down the side just accentuate the incredible wedge style of these old Nissans. 280ZXs, 300ZXs, and 300ZRs are my favorite Z cars and I am over the moon that I got the chance to write about this one.

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