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Meet the coolest Land Rovers I have ever seen

Bond is about to make the Series III cool again, but the lads at Cool N Vintage were doing that years ago.

1y ago

I've fallen in love. And alike to most loves, I feel like this love is going to be super duper expensive. And quoted online pricing looks like it might agree with that sentiment. Which quite obviously makes me very upset and want to smash things.

An early retirement, on a beach in Noosa, Australia with my fully restored and gorgeous looking Land Rover Series III driven onto the sand, my partner on a towel SUN-BAKING in front of it and an ice cold esky in the rear with a plethora of a bar.

But it brings up a good point about what we as marketers call the difference between a want and a need. And that concept isn't true in the practical sense, but more in the sense that our job is to identify something that is a want (for anyone that is) and upgrade that feeling of a want into a need. Something that becomes a compulsory purchase. Something that you feel like you cannot live without, like for example beer.

Cool N Vintage in Lisbon, Portugal restore Land Rovers. That is exactly what they do. They take old sh*tty Land Rovers and make them into master pieces. And this old sh*tty master piece costs almost $200,000AUD. Practical as I may be though, I feel like I still need one. I'm going as far as selling a Volkswagen Amarok to make it all feel a bit more realistic.

With that in mind though, I've been trying to analyse the need. I've been trying to desperately figure out just why I need such an expensive old car. I mean for that amount of money I could also buy an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. And that way I wouldn't need to import it, ensure it was RHD and go through the pains of dealing with the Australian Border Force department.

So why do I want it so much? Well despite stumbling across Cool N Vintage by accident, I've figured out so far that their content on their restored vehicles is superb and ridiculously aesthetically pleasing. But there's something that no marketing in the world could possibly catalyse which happened in my brain as I started scrolling through their socials.

It was the dream, the dream which I've had in my head for years. An early retirement, on a beach in Noosa, Australia with my fully restored and gorgeous looking Land Rover Series III driven onto the sand, my partner on a towel sun-baking in front of it and an ice cold esky in the rear with a plethora of a bar.

It also evokes images of driving up to Moneypenny's on a Sunday afternoon and parking directly out front in head turning fashion. And being able to sip cocktails, talk to beautiful people and every now and then glance at the Series III from the corner of my eye.

Cool N Vintage don't just sell restored Land Rover Series IIIs, oh no. They sell the lifestyle. Because as soon as you've bought one of those cars, you've also bought early retirement, a beachside hideaway somewhere hot like Queensland, the Maldives, Spain, Morocco or Jamaica and the linen shirt, jeans and expensive sunglasses that go with it. They're basically selling the opening scenes for the to be released Bond film "No Time To Die".

And that's what I love so much about it. Don't get me wrong I love working, but that's not to say I couldn't work on a beach in the tropics. And that's not to say that despite it's horrible reputation for being the worst vehicle on earth to drive, I couldn't own, drive and be happy driving a fully restored Land Rover Series III.

So today's article is a bit of a plea, a confession and an offer all at once. Despite that I know Cool N Vintage in Lisbon only do LHD Land Rover restorations, despite the fact that I'm in Australia (almost decades away) and despite the fact that even with selling most of my vehicles I'd still need to sell one of my houses to come even close to affording the car, I need one of Land Rovers. I need them desperately.

If you're listening Cool N Vintage, I didn't even know you lads existed 2 weeks ago. But I do now, and I'm a huge fan. I have the beach house in a hot town for about 6 months of the year. It has a pool and it's an older house with plantation shutters, it's gorgeous. It's just missing one thing. It's missing the restored, light green, Land Rover Series III out front. If you could help with that? It'd be much appreciated. Otherwise I'm now taking bids for a perfectly working 27 year old kidney and liver.

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  • "Cool N Vintage doesn't just sell restored Land Rover Series IIIs. They sell the lifestyle."

    That's one good phrase, Marc... Great write up!

      1 year ago
  • Richard... you're something of an expert. Old Landies have charm, a certain 'cool' about them, but oh dear GOD, they're awful to drive unless you're off road or on country lanes.

      1 year ago
    • Which is where they belong. I remember towing a boat at 100kph in my father’s SWB Series 3, and there was about 6” of play in the steering in either direction, and you were using 12” of wheel movement to keep it in a straight line. LOL. Off road it...

      Read more
        1 year ago
  • If you're listening Cool N Vintage, please ignore Marc England. A much better place for your superb landrovers to be seen would be a semi-tropical island, with mountains as well as beaches, somewhere like Hainan for example. PS I live in Hainan and I would happily show off your wares here as long as they were provided free of charge of course!

      1 year ago
  • You need to chat to Nene Overland, Twisted, Foley’s and TMD Tuning.

      1 year ago
  • That roofless Series 2 is Sub-Zero!

      1 year ago