Meet the drift photographer: Oskars Rudzitis.

Taking pictures from Latvia to London.

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Sarah: So Oskars introduce yourself to the people of DriveTribe!

Oskars: Hi, I'm Oskars Rudzitis, and I'm a free time Latvian photographer based in UK with a passion of Automotive photography.

Credit to: Harry Adair Photography.

Credit to: Harry Adair Photography.

Sarah: Have you always had an interest in cars as a whole or was it just drifting you were interested in?

Oskars: Well, I think it all started when I moved to UK in 2008 and I met a few friends who were into the cars more then I did. In 2009 summer they took me with them to EDC (European Drift Championship) at Silverstone. I remember watching all the drift action and thinking to myself 'Hell yeah, I want to try that out' ! So I finished my college, saved some cash and went back to Latvia to pass the driving licence. Shortly after when I get my license I bought myself e36 325i with welded the diff, and started to drift on car parks, streets, etc...

Sarah: When did you start your photography career?

Oskars: Back in 2016 I bought my first dslr and it started out as a hobby, and as my photographic style developed so did the interest in my work.

Sarah: How did you ''get into'' modified cars?

Oskars: As I mentioned earlier, I met the right people who introduced me in car scene. One of them was a local car scene oraniser, so I just went along and each time I went, I met more and more people with the same interest.

Sarah: When did the love of drifting start for you?

Oskars: I'm from Latvia (Eastern Europe) and we have a snowy winters with slippy roads and frozen lakes. That's the time when all the adults turning into kids, buying cheap rwd winter beaters and drifting all over the streets. And that's how I get into drifting myself.

Sarah: Where did you go after that? When did you start to take drift photography seriously?

Oskars: After attending quite a few indoor car shows and track days, I decided to give it a go and I applied for BDC media accreditation in 2018 when David Egan with his team was in charge.

Sarah: When did you first get close to the drifting action?

Oskars: 2009 EDC (European Drift Championship) Round 1 at Silverstone.

Sarah: So your hooked on drifting now!

Oskars: Hell yeah! Tyre smokes, close battles, atmosphere, loud engines, fans, smell of petrol, adernaline around the pits, etc... How can you not like it ?!

Sarah:So far in your career what's been the most memorable moment for you?When was it?

Oskars: 2019 DMEC 'Riga Baby', - all weekend I was hanging around Driftworks team because I kept my photography stuff (camera, lenses, laptop, etc) in their van, so as exchange I promissed to take some shots for them. All weekend Martin Richards drove alright, and when the final battle came between Martin Richards and Adam Zalewski it was absolutely incredible!!! Huge crowd of fans, loud engines noises, smoke, and Adam Zalewski pushing the car limits on 3 wheels!!! Jheez, what a battle that was.

Sarah: So we have reached 2021, last years drift season was non existant but where do you see yourself going in 2021 and what do you see happening this year?

Oskars: I'm planning to cover my 4th season of BDC, and head over to Europe for a few DMEC rounds too. But it's hard to make some plans at the moment due to the current Covid situation.

Sarah: Will you be doing other any other photography work apart from drifting this year?

Oskars: Yes.I have 2 weddings booked and I'm planning to shoot a few indoor car shows and maybe some other sports too.

Sarah: Favourite drift car to photograph?

Oskars: James Deanes Eurofighter is just a beauty of masterpiece.

Sarah: Who has been your favourite drifter to work with?

Oskars: That's the hard one to answer as they all are great to work with. They all are like a one big family!

Sarah: Favourite all time event you have been to?

Oskars: DMEC RIGA BABY, I recommend to anyone who hasn't been to a Riga, go and experience it. You won't regret it.

Sarah: Looking to the future where do you see yourself and your photography go?

Oskars: To be honest I'll be just doing what I'm doing and see where it will take me without any pressure.

Sarah: Tell us a random fact about you!

Oskars: I hate french cars ha ha.

Big thanks to Oskars for doing this iterview, if you would like to follow Oskars on social media I have listed his social media links below!



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