Meet the drifter part 101: Trevor Fileman.

MG driver turned drifter.

6w ago

Sarah: So,introduce yourself to Drivetribe.

Trevor: My name is Trevor Fileman or Trev.

Sarah: What age were you when you first got behind the wheel?

Trevor: I started at an early age around 11/12 driving round fields in old Ford Fiestas and Vauxhall Novas and even earlier if you count sitting on my dads knees and steering the car around where I lived when I wasn’t even able to reach the peddles.

Sarah: What was the next step for you after that?

Trevor: I took my driving test a couple of weeks after my 17th birthday and passed first time with no minors.

Sarah: What was your first 'legal' set of wheels?

Trevor: MG Maestro turbo, it was cheaper to insure than a 1.1 Peugeot 106

Sarah: What first caught your attention about drifting?

Trevor: A friend of mine let me have a go in his E36 when we used to have the use of a small bit of land in Carnaby East Yorkshire I picked it up pretty quickly and was instantly hooked and been addicted to skidding a car ever since.

Sarah: What age were you then?

Trevor: I was 28 and nearly 7 years on and I’m still addicted to the sport

Sarah: What made you think, I could actually do that?

Trevor: After having a go in my friends e36 i started helping out with Learn2Drift in the pits and getting a bit of seat time while i was building my SR20DET E30 and once it was done I attended a few Teesside practice days and Andy invited me back to teach with the academy which i still do when i have spare time away from work.

Sarah: What was your first proper competition car?

Trevor: My SR20DET E30 although my first competition it was like taking a spoon to a knife fight as I still had standard lock and only lowering springs on standard shocks.

Sarah: Why did you pick the car that you have now?

Trevor: I had a E30 when I was 19 and absolutely loved the way they handled but always been a big fan of 4 cylinder turbocharged engines so decided to do the SR20DET conversion after seeing one done down at Slide Motorsport

Sarah: So you've been a spectator and a competitor. Has it good side bad sides etc?

Trevor: I haven’t competed for a few years after completely stripping the car down and starting again with it to make it as competitive as possible but time and budget restrictions has meant it has been a long term project but myself and the car will be back out for competition during 2021, I have enjoyed spectating and spotting for various drivers in BDC and also being a commentator for DriftCup during 2018 and 2019

Sarah: Best aspect of drifting for you personally?

Trevor: The atmosphere and I have been extremely lucky to make some amazing friends through drifting who are now my Driftfamily.

Sarah: One thing you could change about drifting what would it be?

Trevor: Not a lot I absolutely love the sport and the people within it, it's unlike any sport I have done before everyone helps each other and I love spending weekends away with the Driftfamily.

Sarah: Whose you best friend(s) you've made through drifting? Why?

Trevor: Julie Robinson, Jolene JoJo McDonald, Lwi Edwards,Howard Edwards, Heath Bamford, Archie Sugar Harmer, Jamie Harmer,Matt Pecs Roberts,Kristian Rice and Kelly Rice.

Along with many others, I have to give Andy Arnott a massive shoutout as well for the opportunity he gave me to teach with Learn2Drift and the passenger rides giving me a massive amount of seat time to improve my driving while I haven’t had my own car to drive.

Also a massive thanks to my sponsors: Firefly Speedshop, TheDriftShop.UK, Mishimoto, SAS GB and

Sarah: Have you got any advise for anyone wanting to get into drifting?

Trevor: Do a taster session or a one to one session with learn2drift to see if you like it, after that keep it simple and learn as much as you can in a pretty much standard car and work your way up from there

Kelly Rice

Sarah: Are you glad/happy you got into drifting? Why?

Trevor: I couldn’t imagine my life without drifting being a part of it now so extremely happy I got into it and would recommend anyone to give it a try.

Sarah: One thing you hate about drifting from any aspect of it?

Trevor: I genuinely cant think of anything apart from the financial aspect of it

Sarah: Tell us a random fact about your drifting career to date?

Trevor: I actually can't think of anything 😂

Sarah: If have drifted and battled with some world famous drifters, who was the best and why?

Trevor: I haven’t got to battle anyone famous yet but getting to drive with people like Julie, JoJo and Lwi on a regular basis has been amazing.

Sarah: If you could meet or battle against one other famous world known drifter who would it be and why?

Trevor: I would love to battle against James Deane just to see how I stacked up against the best in the business.

Sarah: Endless amount of money for a new car and build what would it be and why?

Trevor: I would probably still have my E30 but it would go to the best in the business to be built instead of doing 90% of the build myself on a limited budget in my workshop.

Sarah: When it's time for retirement what do you want to be remembered for in the drifting world?

Trevor: I would love to be remembered for my dedication and love for the the sport.

Big thanks to Trevor doing this interview if you would like to follow him on social media I have listed his social media links below.



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