Meet the drifter part 102: Archie Harmer.

BMW loving teenager.

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Sarah: So,introduce yourself to Drivetribe.

Archie: My name is Archie Sugar-Harmer, I am 14 years old and I am from Hertfordshire and I drive a e36 saloon ,m50 turbo with around 400 bhp. I’ve always been into cars and driving anything with an engine from a young age and did karting for around 3 years, then I decided to take a break and try a few other sports. When it came to drifting I was well up for a go and booked a 1 2 1 lesson at learn2drift and then on my first day was better than I thought I’d be and then it kinda spiralled from there with in the first few months I had my own car and was pushing my limits and getting myself to where I am now and the current stage I am at now is that I am competing in the British drift championship, in the pro am series and I am hoping I can do well in that but I think the experience will be wicked!

Picture credit: Delta Pixels.

Picture credit: Delta Pixels.

Sarah: What age were you when you first got behind the wheel?

Archie: I got behind the wheel properly at around 12 years old, but it was my dad that taught me how to drive up in his yard I think I was around 8 or 9. I also did karting for 3 years at a very competitive level and then have been driving motorbikes ,quads ,so I suppose I’ve always been behind a wheel my whole life..

Sarah: What was the next step for you after that?

Archie: I think the next step for me getting behind the wheel ,was to just have as much fun as I can and I’ve always loved being competitive and always push myself to do better and just enjoy the adrenaline rush I get!

Sarah: What was your first 'legal' set of wheels?

Archie: I don’t have my drivers license yet but my first car was my blue e36 saloon..

Picture credit: L2D.

Picture credit: L2D.

Sarah: What first caught your attention about drifting?

Archie: I think what caught my attention about drifting is how unique the sport is and that it is a very interesting way to drive a car and the atmosphere and people is very good and I just all round enjoy it..

Sarah: What age were you then?

Archie: I started when I was 12 ,just before my 13th birthday and then have just not looked back ever sense I started..

Sarah: What made you think, I could actually do that?

Archie: In my opinion what made me think I can do this is ,I always believe in my ability to be able to accomplish anything I put my mind to , and I always have a positive mind set when I drift no matter what happens and even when I’m in battle I never think about how good my opponent is or what car they have I just always try my best and what ever happens , happens!

Sarah: What was your first proper competition car?

Archie: My first proper competitive car is probably the car that I have now which is a e36 saloon m50 turbo with around 400 bhp.

Sarah: Why did you pick the car that you have now?

Archie: I think I picked the car that I have now because I have always liked e36’s and it’s the car that I started of with so I just stuck with what I know and I feel it is a very competitive car!..

Sarah: So you've been a spectator and a competitor. Has it good side bad sides etc?

Archie: To be honest I don’t think I’ve had a bad day in drifting I’ve always made it fun and I love spectating because sometimes it is good to watch and just have fun..

Sarah: Best aspect of drifting for you personally?

Archie: Honestly I love the adrenaline rush and the way you drive the car to it’s limits and further.

Sarah: One thing you could change about drifting what would it be?

Archie: If I’m honest I love drifting the way it is , but tbh I do not like changing tires but it is all part of the fun.

Sarah: Whose you best friend(s) you've made through drifting? Why?

Archie: I have made many friends but I think my closest friends are Jolene jojo McDonald , Nick and Cameron Sweed , Trevor Fileman , Jamie Stanton Lwi Edwards and Jack Drake and there are alot more.

Sarah: Have you got any advise for anyone wanting to get into drifting?

Archie: Honestly if you wanna get into drifting ,just go for it , yolo.

Sarah: Are you glad/happy you got into drifting? Why?

Archie: Yes I’m very happy I got into drifting because it is the sport that I now love and I have the most fun doing it ,and I’m always happy when I am drifting..

Sarah: One thing you hate about drifting from any aspect of it?

Archie: I don’t think I would change anything to be honest I love the sport how it is and it is very fun how it is.

Sarah: Tell us a random fact about your drifting career to date?

Archie: I few facts is that I am the youngest British driver to ever enter the British drift championship , and I believe I might actually be the youngest person to ever be in it , and this one is just a story but I managed to get my whole arm caught in the steering wheel on my first ever 360.

Sarah: You have drifted and battled with some world famous drifters, who was the best and why?

Archie: I have drifted with many good people but I think the best people are the closest to me I think the best are Lwi Edwards ,Martyn Cowley Jamie Stanton ,Jojo McDonald ,Trevor fileman and Martin Wonnacot.

Sarah: If you could meet or battle against one other famous world known drifter who would it be and why?

Archie: I think if I ever get the chance James Deane ,Duane mckeever ,Conor shanahan and Jack Shanahan, they would be some cool people to battle.

Sarah: Endless amount of money for a new car and build what would it be and why?

Archie: I think a ps13 or carbon Kevlar e92 with 2jz would be a very cool build.

Sarah: When it's time for retirement what do you want to be remembered for in the drifting world?

Archie: I think I would like to be remembered as a top talent in the future to come and just be know for my driving.

Big thanks to Archie for doing this interview, if you would like to follow him on social media I have listed his social media below.



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